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  • The folks over at the forum mini decided when WOTC said no WAS or AAM for the next few years at the least to put together there own custom card set to give cards to units that desperately need to be in WAS like Hiryu, Texas, Ranger, Seafire, Deutchland, veltro etc similar to the SWM vsets

    This is the list plus the cards that have been shown so far

    The first 300 already sold out preorder at 12-7 the last 75 go on sale after the release in august I think.

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    Wow, Awesome!  Thank God this isn’t a real set or I’d be shelling out another couple hundres bucks, money well spent of course.  Looks like the Tsushima could really give the Montana a run for her money.

    Thanks for posting these cards brother,  I never knew there was a minis forum until recently.

  • There is also a site called shapeways where people have made miniatures for these and other units that aren’t in WAS (in 1/1800 scale thats WAS size for the ships and 1/900 for the planes if anyone buys them make sure you get it in the right scale).

    The only thing is they are very very expensive (COD shipping on top of the expensive mini price) and you have to paint them yourself also the planes tend to break very easily if they aren’t in WSF so I don’t recommend them or any of it for those who don’t want to take a risk.  I have a Shinano, seafire, me262, Westpoint/commandante teste , Vanguard, giuseppe miraglia from shapeways and BV138, Hiryu, Taiyo, Me262, CANT 107, JU 52 from other sources and the ones I have painted up look pretty good so it will be cool to actually have the proper unit to go with the TP card when mine arrives.  I would post pictures but my camerca sucks and it would mostly look like a giant blur.

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    Interesting, I will have to check them out.

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    I just bought a set for me and a buddy.  I had to get the hell off of the 12-7 site because I started seeing $$$ flying all over the place and I haven’t even pre-ordrered AAE and AAP seconds yet.

    My God, those island air bases don’t suck one bit.

    Thanks again for posting those cards, they will make for some interesting scenarios.

  • yeah I just received mine and they look great it looks like the indefatiguable card is damaged in each pack but for 6.00 the whole thing is an amazing deal.

    I own those litko airfields and agree with you that they are quite nice and will make good proxies for the fwd airstrip unit card that comes in the pack.

    I say one more 72 card pack like that and you can pretty much call WAS complete there may not be something of every unit but as long as each class has a card you can proxy for sisters.

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    Dammit man, good idea on the forward landing strip…may have to go and buy that too. :evil:

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    I got my sets today and they are very nice, better then I was hoping.  The 2 Indefatigable cards I recieved were fine.  I am looking forward to giving these a go this weekend!

    I am not on the Miniforum sight but tell those folks over there that these cards are fantastic and they are spreading like wildfire, going like hot cakes, and flying off the shelves over at

  • if the miniatures games interest you I recommend signing up over there or checking it out there is dozens of posts a day especially for WAS its the main community.

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    Yea, WAS has been my vice lately.    It’s an exciting time to be a fan of axis and allies.

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