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    So, any updates on upcoming pieces?

  • Got the base set, but not happy with the colors of Japan, Russia and Italy

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    I don’t know if you’re taking requests, or if this forum post is the place to leave requests, but something I’d like to see HBG do (when you all get some time) is to produce the artillery and cruiser sculpts for A&A 1941 that Avalon Hill dropped from the piece line up before 1941 came out. We know what they were supposed to be from Kreighund’s posting on sculpt sources on Larry’s board (source: http://www.harrisgamedesign.com/phpBB3/viewtopic.php?f=11&t=1871&sid=13234bf586f49aa96fb97559e8a2cf78)

    To save you from digging, they were going to make maroon, tan, and green USSR M1943 howitzers and UK Town class, Southampton subclass cruisers and black and burnt orange Japanese Type 96 howitzers and German Konigsberg class cruisers. It’s my belief that the following Wikipedia links point to what Avalon Hill would have been using for inspiration if they had gone ahead and made artillery and cruisers for 1941:


    If HBG could make up the short fall that Avalon Hill left when they dropped artillery and cruisers from 1941’s piece line up, that would be awesome.


  • @HBG:


    So is there any word on the French units that were announced some time ago?  Love to give coach my money for those!

    We are working on them, getting a lot of pieces in Late October and November, Base 1936 plus refills for Japanese, Germans, neutrals, etc

    French set is on pre-order now!

    I guess you held true to your word, given that you didn’t specify the year :p.

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    HBG asking for feedback on new GW1936 pieces. Looks like a general set which will have units that apply to the Axis, Allies and neutrals.
    HBG Facebook Post

    From the link:

    ***Which pieces would you like to see in a Generic Mold for Global War 1936? It would be similar to last mold, unique piece done in all major colors.
    1-Battlecruiser (Scharnhorst) GERMANY
    1-Heavy Battleship (Montana) USA
    1-Heavy Carrier (Malta) UK
    2-Jet (F-86) USA
    2-Attack Transport (Haskell Class) USA
    2-Torpedo Bomber (Devastator) USA
    1-Heavy Bomber (B-29) USA
    1-Hybrid BB/CV (Ise) JAPAN
    1-Coastal Defense Ship (Norge) Norway
    1-Airship (ZRS-4) USA
    1-Recon/Seaplane Aircraft (PBY) USA
    2-Colonial Infantry (French)
    2-Heavy Artillery (M1931 203mm) Russia
    1-Advanced Submarine (Nautilus) USA

    Please list your ideas and needs for GW1936.***

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