Paratroopers tech

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    can someone explain in plain english how Paratroopers work,
    and also give some examples

    and, secondly, can someone test paratroopers tech in triplea 1.6.1 and global 3.1, and see if they work as they should?


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    I am unsure too.

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    You can jump 2 inf from any friendly Airbase per turn, but you can’t do exclusively para attacks, other land units must be present.  This prevents Russia in particular from having to do deep defenses when it can’t afford to.

    If the para is joining an amphibious assault, it cannot retreat (just like other land units). If it is not an amphibious assault, it can retreat with the rest of the attacking units.

    If you are attacking a space with AA guns, always send paras, even if it is an adjacent land territory.  AA fires at paras and you can pick your 3ipc infantry as AA hits instead of planes.  The more aibases you have, the more paras you can send.  Really frustrating for the defender.  I’m not a fan of these rules, and for a while it seemed like they mike get tweaked, but it didn’t happen.

    I’d like to see a limit applied to them per turn for each power.  Perhaps 2 per turn, per theatre.

    I hope that explanation helped.

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    Thanks. Always hoped never to get them, but they do seem quite useful as you do not need any Air units to transport them(wierd).

  • I’d rather the Paratroopers be tokens (like the Japanese Kamikaze tokens).  They are free units, used once in the game.  Two given to the US, one to the UK and only usable in Denmark, Normandy, Holland or Norway.

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    Nice idea.As it  stands I fear it makes for a  strong tech, but have not seen it used yet.

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    anyone tried this tech with TripleA 1.6.1 (and global 3.1 zip) yet?

    I’m pretty sure it works as described, and that I coded it as described, however I really really need a second person to try using it in a game….

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    veqryn this takes time, tech is hard to get in global.

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    can someone just use edit mode to give someone the tech (before the tech activation phase [which is right after the tech phase])

    then test it?

    should take all of 10 minutes

    i need to have confirmation that it works according to the rules.  Because i want the next release to be the last stable release in a long time, and I want global 1940 to be perfect on it.

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    I’d like to see the paratroopers rule go towards the more familiar one where you tie up a bomber and you have to drop the paratrooper in the first territory you get too with a defending unit - cant be dropped on VCs.

    but yes, my understanding is the same as Veqryn’s currently.

    PS: No, I thik if you have 14 bombers, you should be able to send 14 paratroopers and do all paratrooper attacks too.  I’ve gotten paratroopers in the game and had them become the truning point between me losing and me going on to win.    Nothing like picking up 3 IPC because it’s undefended useless land.

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