• Hi guys

    With the rule update to 5.0 there are now new 2 scenarios possible
    (Sealion in G1 or Barbaross in G1)
    The setup charts are for the version 4.1 and should be updated to 5.0 to prevent that.

    The scenarios:
    Sealion in G1->land in London and Liverpool and the allies cant turn it back in their first impulse.
    If the industrial complex is downgraded to a minor complex and not destroyed, the German is able to dug in in the UK. On G2 he can handle Poland and France.

    Barbarossa in G1 �> This one is a little more tricky.
    Ignore the Allies! First impulse land in Pskov and the Baltic state, capture Denmark, build  4 transporters and an airfield in Elbling, activate Romania and Hungary. On the second impulse attack Leningrad and western Russia, activate Finland and transport as much tanks and mechanized inf. as you can to Leningrad .
    The Japanese player have to attack from the east and take as much IPC from the Soviet as he can.

    In G2 open the second front in Romania and support the north with troops from Finland.
    After you taken Karelia you can clan up the Soviet Union.

    The Soviet Player have only 15 IPC for the defense in the first round and he have to fortify Moscow and Karelia. The only way for the Soviet player to survive is to hold Karelia and Moscow.

    If the axis are not able to take Karelia and/or Moscow in the second round… well go in the next corner and cry, you will lose.

    I think if the soviet get one or two more Infantries and  1 Tank in Leningrad and the UK player 1 inf. And 1 Tank in London this scenarios are much more risky for the German, and on the other side the soviet and the UK didn’t get to much offensive power. Alternative the french can get one additional  transporter in the SZ 24 together with the Canadian its allows a counterattack.

    The pacific room is well balanced. At the beginning The Japanese player is very strong. But after  the US entered the War they have no chance if they aren�t big enough.
    I would only add 3 national Chinese inf. in  Kweichow. These troops are not a big problem for the Japanese player if he concentrate his army to china, but they will slow him down.

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