• can uk go through denmark to land in germany after us have taken denmark that go

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    Yes, they can.

  • cheers weatbeer i have just done in a game but bobgordon said it wasant legal but its somthing germany and russia do all the time.
    thanks for a quick reply

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    You’re welcome.

    For his reference, it’s on page 9 in Europe rules.  It only matters who controls Denmark at the start of a power’s turn not at the start of the round.

    As far as I know, game rounds are only relevant for victory conditions.

  • wrong. this is an illegal move.

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    If you trust the official rules reps here (Krieghund, kdczim, gamerman01), they always reply in the G40 FAQ thread.

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    it is legit, but honestly who dies to that?

    Just spam 10 inf on germany next time.

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    Sorry Bob, but the move is legit.

    At the start of the U.K’s turn, Denmark is under allied control, thus allowing them to move through it.

  • @Cow:

    it is legit, but honestly who dies to that?

    Just spam 10 inf on germany next time.

    Your gonna need alot more than just 10 inf to defend from a UK with 5 or more trannys and a heavy amount of planes.

  • TripleA

    either way, I think people just fall for it once.

  • Depending on where US planes and UK transports are, you might consider airbases in Germany and/or Norway if you have enough planes to scramble (including Italians).  If UK has a carrier and transports in z110 you might even build a carrier and/or destroyer for z113.  This makes it so they have to land in z113 rather than z114, and air units that would support the invasion and land on their carrier in z113 will be diverted to the sea battle.  Spend the rest on infantry

  • Its a nice tactic, but it doesn’t work all the time.

    HOWEVER, it is something that you can always keep as an option by keeping TT in both SZ91 and off the UK in case Germany ever lets its guard down.  Even if the units sit there for 4-5 rounds, lying in wait, Germany can forget to keep units on Berlin and you can launch the strike - this is beneficial in forcing Germany to re-direct IPC from the march on Moscow towards a rear guard in Germany.

  • The threat of the can-open is sometimes alot more powerful than the can open itself.  It forces germany to choose.  He/she cant hold france, wger, and ger effectively with the can open without drawing preassure of russia.

  • TripleA

    depends on what round, almost all the russia takeover stuff is bought by round 5. just build off minors and take russia G7.

    Just put the bare minimal, whatever usa drops is a 1 time thing, a kamehameha wave. uk usually isn’t shuffling 10 inf a round that soon and if it is, italy is usually strong enough to hold  italy/west germany.

  • well by that time italy is usually out of africa and UK/US have subs rdy to convoy raid him down.  Either way, 20 ground with plenty of air cover/shoreshots would be an effective 1-2 punch on normandy or to to critical damage to wger/knock out norway.

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    Man people really like norway for some reason, I just make it green if possibru and that is that.

    As far as the drops go, it really depends on what round it is coming in. Still germany can bomb russia for 20 every round, it only takes 5 bombers and he starts with 2.

    Unless I take italy, I just end up being sad I went atlantic.
    I don’t know. I don’t usually have a london fleet. It usually dies round 1 and it just feels so sad trying to rebuild it, that I go screw it, give me a minor on persia and/or egypt for uk2 buy. Unless germany is going sea lion then I’ll take 10 men for london.

  • to make the defence of france+w ger + berlin easier, what you can do is;
    berlin = as much inf as you need,
    w ger = mechs + some italian inf
    paris = 2-4 art

    in  round 7ish, you need about 20-25 units worth in w germany, if you make 15-18 of them into mech, then, if US decideds to land in france, you will have a great counterpunch, if you are able to fly luftwaffe back, you can possibly muster 35-40 units to counterattack in normandie. This makes it much more difficult for the US+ UK to get enough to land, they might have something like 12 US land + 10 UK ftrs + 12 UK land.

    making it expensive to land with a huge force is a very good way to defend.

  • This is all making it very expensive for germany to defend.  The americans set in 91 can threaten italy all the way up to norway.  Something has got to give.  It may well eb worth a 1-2 punch to take out the wger major to allow for easy normandy landings in the future.

  • the idea is not to defend every landarea, only the vital ones (italy, germany), then have meches + tanks + planes in range so that you can counterattack anything else.

    it is not trivial for US to land in north italy if you defend it with 3-5 units, and are able to counterattack with 15-20 german planes + 20+ german landunits.

    german mechs in w germany are able to counterattack most terretories in europe, if the german planes try to stay in range, then it is difficult to land.

    the only two terrs that are not “covered” by this strat is norway and s italy. in s italy you need how much you need anyways, and for norway, if your fleet is alive, you can have 5-8 inf in finland, keep your planes within range and then be able to attack with about 25-30 units (depending on how many planes you have).

    It is expensive to defend against an enemy that can land everywhere, so rather, counterattack than defend, if you are able to kill one load of americans, then the transports need 3 turns before they are back and able to threathen again.

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