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    I want to make sure I have this right:

    Using user selected national advantages, the USA selects superfortresses and their bombers are immune to AA fire.

    In AARE, you can select which tech you are researching. � The USA spends 40 ipc’s on T1 and gets heavy bombers by choice (stats are in their favour to get this on Turn 1). �

    AARE heavy bombers still roll 2 dice and do not have to pick one roll over the other, it was not updated in errata with this change, like later games were. �

    On Turn 1, they NCM their at start bomber to UK. They build 2 bombers on Turn 2, which reach UK by turn 3 NCM. � Starting on T4 they have 3 bombers that can each do max damage (10 ipc) to Germany itself. � The Germans don’t get to fire any AA and this game lacks interception rules. � Germany never collects a single ipc again as the SBR’s are repeated each turn with new bombers arriving all the time, and the germans can do nothing at all about it.

    Why is there no errata? � Perhaps adopt the newer Heavy Bomber rules of roll 2 dice and pick one, and do not exempt superfortresses from AA fire on SBR’s (which makes that a weak advantage, so maybe it should be replaced altogether).

    Did I miss something? � Is there a defence against this?

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    Why is there no errata?

    There is.  It’s called LHTR😉


    Is there a defence against this?

    Unfortunately, no.

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    Perfect.  Thanks for the link, KH!

  • Whenever I play with my mate Cat (and we use the national advantages) that one is off the table. It’s too powerful IMO. Though we don’t generally play tech either…

  • If you like playing with NAs and picking them to suit your strategy, give Axis and Allies Revised Enhanced (commonly abbreviated as AARe) a try. It uses National Advantages as an important part of core play, not just an optional rule. They’re considered well-balanced after several years of development and play-testing.

    It appears I can’t post links, but you’ll find the sticky in the House Rules section on this forum.

    Have fun.

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