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Are techs worth it?

  • I’ve been lurking these forums for a bit and finally decided to join up. Anywho, just played the first A&A50 game in like 2 years a few weeks ago. Everyone went for techs. By the end of the game Japan had Radar, America had Heavy Bombers, and Russia had both Advance Artillery and war bonds.

    We ended the game on German 4 when they took Moscow. America only used Heavy Bombers once, likewise Japan only used Radar once(same combat), and Russia despite having two techs still got crushed by combined German/Japan Moscow rush.

    So the question is, in the long run are the techs worth the investment?

    Personally I like having the options though I don’t normally bother are only buy like one tech dice a game. Still when people do get them it can have a great impact in some games, I’ve seen a G2 Sea lion a couple of times because of techs. From reading the forums most seem to favor ignoring them, but I just wanted to get a few options and see how most felt.

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