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    The rules say:

    “The standard victory condition is if your side controls nine (9) victory cities at the end of a complete round of play (after the completion of the U.S. turn), you win the war.”

    I’m not totally clear on this - does this mean you play an entire round once victory conditions are met (i.e. each country gets another turn) or does it mean you just finish the round you are in? (i.e. the UK takes the winning victory city, then Japan and US go, then it’s over) If the second is true, then in the case of the UK taking the winning city, it would be pointless for the US to take their turn, right? Â

  • You finish the round that you are in.  It seems a little unnecessary for the US to take their turn if Japan doesn’t take another Victory City, but it is how it goes.

  • '16 '15 '14 Customizer

    OK thanks!

  • VC is boring….crush Russia or crush Berlin…make it simple…somebody will surrender!

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