• i want to know if its worth it

  • Never heard of it, sorry.

  • I had always read about this version of A&A on here, and recently stumbled upon a copy of the game. The Marine troops to add that hard punch of an attack of 3 when amph. assualting, and the destroyers are great at defending that group of transports you have sitting there. Overall if you play the cd version of the game alot it is neat I suppose, anyone inc. these rules into the boardgame?

  • The AI is horrendously terrible in Iron Blitz. All the bugs from the original are still there unfortunately. Iron Blitz would be very good for multiplayer, especially with the built-in scenarios and scenarioeditor.

  • I think Iron Blitz adds a lot to the CD game. Marines are a great addition. I like the scenarios and the map editor. I’ve had a few games crash in the middle. I don’t know if this is from the original CD or specific to IB. One bug that really annoys me is if you load a saved game, you can’t place units on IC’s that aren’t the original IC’s. You can place them after the first turn.

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    Iron blitz is wonderful to play out strats with newbies… the AI is terrible… the editor is great but the capitals have to stay the same…

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