Australia: Looking for anyone

  • Hi all,

    I’ve just bought Axis and Allies - omg what a boardgame. Now I want to find someone to play it with, my family dones’t seem to have the same interest in it that I do :sad:
    Anyone out there interested in a pbem game with someone in Australia.

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  • Hi GI Joe from Australia!

    I never played a PBEM game but would be interested to try it out if you can bear with my ignorance of the process.

    I’ve been playing A&A for a year and a half, but only against my son (10 year old…), so I’m not that experienced.

    If you want to try it, let me know. My e-mail address is

  • Would love to play a game. The problem is i do not know how to play on line. If you have the answer get back to me.

  • hello all, im in the a c t and i love a+a and am desperate to play again, im ignorant on internet play, anbd would much rather a face to face hoedown, knaww what i mean?so if theres any generals lookling for some world domination biffo in the naations capital, send a dispatch now (sorry johnny, not with u ok).

  • am also an auzzie from S.A.
    i will give ya a game but i don’t no how u play pbem

  • i’m up for it, PM me.

  • i should’ve logged in ▲ :oops:

  • I’ll be in VIC for a few month, from septembre on….
    so, if any of the ozzies is from around there… just PM me

  • Hi…I’d love to play someone on line but I’m not sure how to do it as I’ve just found the site…Against the computer is so boring now…I need some human competition as we are unpredicable…that makes it better challenge. Thanks :o

  • I am desperetly looking for someone to play this game with. Have the disk but have never played on line should not be a problem though. Write back on how to start a game and I will play, However I must tell you I am very experenced I will take either side.

  • :-)
    Hello all. Yep i recently bought a+a D-day,and although i own the original, i found this to be a welcome relief, both in strategy and momentum of play. I currently live on the Gold coast Australia, and if anyone is in my region, it sure would be fun. :lol:

  • anyone near sydney or central coast, nsw?

    some friends and i love playing a+a, but i always beat them. need new challenges lol

  • Hi guys

    im a 24 Y.O male from Melbourne, i just bought the A&A50 and would love to find some play mates, i would prefer someone with more experience than i who could sorta teach me a bit, im not totalyl stupid though i know most of the rules just somethings im not sure about and i am quite into games like risk…

    im a keen and fun player and a friendly and repecful person so you should enjoy my company as well the game ofcourse :)

    if anyone wants to play let me know i can either travel or host i dont mind

  • Hey, im heaps keen to play someone, but i dont think i could bother an email one. But i guess i could try it. I have AA Europe. but i’d way rather to play face to face.

    I live in Coffs Harbour/Bellingen on mid north coast of NSW.
    But me and two mates who also love it are goin to melbourne for a week on the 5th of July.

    Anyone in melbourne with the game, we would love to play.

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