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    Hello all,

    I made these flagships for my AA’42 game. My thinking is each country can only have one on the map and it is the pride of the fleet - and a great embarassment to have it sunk. I would like to make them slightly more powerful than a regular BB and cost a little more.

    My thoughts were:

    Cost: 26
    Takes three hits to sink instead of two. On the battleboard, a chip could be put under the FS to represent the first hit. This first hit would “bounce off” with no lasting damage - just remove the chip. The second hit you would turn the ship on its side and have to repair it - the third hit would sink it.

    What do you think? Does that sound right or not?

  • Cool idea, so at the end of a Battle, if the Flagship was hit only once, the next battle it would have the chip under it again?

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    Right - that’s what I was thinking. First hit bounces off.

  • @KillOFzee:

    Cool idea, so at the end of a Battle, if the Flagship was hit only once, the next battle it would have the chip under it again?

    From my understanding it would not have the chip under it. Consider it a minor damage that can easily by repaired.

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    Badly worded on my part - the chip under the flagship on the battleboard would represent a fully operational ship. After the first hit you would remove the chip, representing the first hit that bounces off, then fight as normal.

    Anyway does that sound about right or would you change the price, etc?

    I’d like to add a little firepower but not sure how.

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    The German ship is signalling distress!  Its flag is upside down.  😄

    I was considering super battleships for Japan (and maybe USA) only.  The plan was:

    30 cost  5/5/2.  Takes 3 hits to sink.  A functional port can repair only 1 hit per turn.  No limit on how many you can build.  If limited only to Japan (Yamato class), super battleships cannot move through the Panama canal.

    Never tried it though, we always end up playing by the book. Â

    Edit:  I think I may try some of your idea.  The first hit is ‘free’ and the second applies damage.  This means that even when going fresh into a battle while damaged it would take 2 hits to sink.  A 30 ipc unit needs to be tough.

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    The German ship is signalling distress!  Its flag is upside down.  😄

    Dang - I knew something looked weird! Back to drydock for refitting I guess.

    I considered the 5/5/2 idea also except it would require a “5” area on my battleboards.

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    OK it’s fixed….

    By the way all of my BBs and CVs have this on the bottom:

    I did this mainly because about 10 years ago I drilled little holes in all of them so I could stick little hit symbols in them from a travel sized Battleship game, so I needed to cover the holes!

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    Ate those stickers or a stencil?

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    Ate those stickers or a stencil?

    It is printed photo paper glued to the bottom and trimmed with a hobby knife.

  • Cool…great idea!

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