• With the construction/movement or what ever stuff going on over there, has anyone else experienced a long delay in getting their order from FMG?  I ordered some stuff on May 19th and still no word on the status 😞 .  I heard things got back up and running on the 8th, but nothing yet.

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    dude: They said many times they moved to a new location. Read the info, then post

  • I did?  Unless there is something else after the June 8th date that I missed, plz post a link sir if there is.

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    We are ALIVE!

    We are BACK in business!

    We are shipping packages and answering e-mails!

    Thank you for your patience.


  • thanks jer, sry, but i’m always worried when i order off the internet.  😉

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    thanks jer, sry, but i’m always worried when i order off the internet.  😉

    Understood.  We are a small business.  Right now I am a one man show.

  • Hi everyone,

    is there anything I should know about FMG not being in business anymore, since you guys do not react to any emails at all and your facebook entries do not promise anything good? Does anyone know anything?



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    Does anyone know anything?

    There’s some further discussion of the same topic over here, on the last couple of pages of this long thread:


    The latest information there is second-hand, not from FMG directly, but it fits with the general impression from elsewhere that the FMG pieces project is, at best, stuck in neutral.

  • Thanks a ton for this info, I will let paypal handle the retransfer of my money. Too bad it runs this way, he really should take his site off the net until he gets back to business, because this way he will end up getting into a lot of trouble for receiving money and not delivering any product. Maybe the Forum should consider taking his ads off as well, it could only be for his best for the time being…

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    This situation does seem troubling, but i know for a fact that Jeremy is a good person. I got 6 German sets on preorder and i’m not worried in the slightest. Worse case is i get my money back.

    People should learn the lesson of never announcing a product release unless you are 100% sure of the date. ( either that or never make stuff in China) That alone accounts for like 90% of these issues. China is at fault for this, not FMG.

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    Great Man is a better description. 😉

    Parmur how much are you on the hook for?  Perhaps I can take over your purchase in the interest of FMG and yourself?  I will be seeing Jeremy in person in April.

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    Great Man is a better description. 😉

    Parmur how much are you on the hook for?  Perhaps I can take over your purchase in the interest of FMG and yourself?  I will be seeing Jeremy in person in April.

    I have always had sympathy for Jeremy and FMG for their being victomised and the trouble they’re experiencing that is NO FAULT OF THEIR OWN.. I’m happy that IL and Garg are stepping forward like they are.

    Jeremy and FMG still have my staunch support and thanks.

    “Tall Paul”

  • Short update to clarify things:

    1. @gargantua: 117$

    2. After having sent my reclamation via paypal, it seems FMG has reacted pretty fast. I just received an email from ups with the shipment code and the eta for my stuff to arrive at my door is Dec. 3rd. This was obviously ordered by FMG. I�ll wait and see…

    3. While I do believe that Jeremy is a good soul, all this fuss could have been avoided by just answering an email… See, the problem is, I am not familiar with him or this board very much, I just ordered via the shop, a completely unemotional business for me. And since I am in the sales business as well for one of the largest and most compliant companies in the world, I have some natural expectations regarding how I as a customer want to be treated. Communication is key, you can get away with nearly anything as long as you keep people informed.

    4. @gargantua: if my shipment arrives at said date, all is fine with me, except my 35$ for UPS Express were not really express, but I can live with that. Please tell Jeremy nevertheless, that he really should work on his communication strategy, as long as his good reputation is intact. Facebook entries and board entries definitely DO gnaw on that and once a reputation is down the ditch, it can�t be repaired easily! Good advice would also be to take things you cannot deliver off your homepage the moment you realize you can´t send them. Remember, you guys might know him in person and be willing to be patient. I am just a generic customer from the other side of the pond…

    I�ll let you know what happened…


    Edit: @ Tall Paul: IL and Garg stepping forward is something I really appreciate as well, thanks for that!I also think it is ok that you back Jeremy up with the experience you made.  🙂 Nevertheless, and that is the downside of today´s economy, “it is not his/her fault” doesn´t mean you are not responsible for the damage done. It was not my fault simply is no excuse in the world of money, sad as it is…

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    You make great points Parmur. And as this is a small community, it is made up of people from around the world. Many of us who are from Canada and the east part of the USA, have met Jeremy and know that this project has not been profitable. Regardless of that he should be more informative. I will tell you this. I ordered and received my copies of 41 and the new 42 from him this past summer. And the minute the Germans are available I’ll be getting and painting mine. Fear not. Even in the face of this horrific hosing that he received he is a guy that wants to do what all of us want. Make cool sculpts for the game we love.


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    From what I know dealing with Jeremy, you couldn’t ask for a more friendly and fair guy. However, I do believe that his unit sculpt project may have been more ambitious than smart, especially for such a small company. I would have exploited the smaller and more inexpensive to produce accessories before taking on such a massive manufacturing nightmare. I hope he can pull through.

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    Right, and most likely he got worn down with saying “this is coming out on X” and the date passes…

    I feel bad for the guy and hope he will get it done.

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    ––I’m happy for you and the results of your order. And I also think you are completly correct concerning reputations and business practises.
    ----My response was not aimed at you or your issues in any way. It was with the A&A players that are TOTALLY familiar with this forum, A&A.Org, and TOTALLY familiar with FMG’s problems. There is/was a problem, now patience seems to be in order.

    “Tall Paul”

  • @ Tall Paul: No offence taken in any way, I just needed to state it  🙂

    I am really happy that the lot of you steps up for FGM all the way and in fact, this has a very soothing effect on me which in turn helps me being more patient! I do know that one man can only work, breathe, live and stay mentally sane so much, even if a good intention is spoiled, that´s the disheartening truth and what makes me sad about this.
    And just to let you and Jeremy know: Once this episode is over, I am thinking about buying a dice tray and some chips. They say, that once you have been through hell with your customer and came out in a way that both can keep their head held high, this is the real trust builder. Personal experience taught me that they are right 🙂

    @Jeremy (if you ever read this): In my first anger, I have written some lines on Facebook and in another thread in this forum. Though they were not impolite, they certainly were not positive. I deleted both of them before anyone could reply, to not put more pressure on you than the circumstances demand and keep your reputation unharmed, as you certainly deserve it. The internet is a shark-pit and it never forgets, but sometimes I do. I apologize for not keeping my temper in check.


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