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Bid range for games w/out National Objectives & w/out Technology

  • SFO Founder TripleA Admin

    What’s a proper bid in a game of AA50 without National Objectives and without Technology?

  • You didn’t specify 41 or 42

    I think 42 would be pretty even straight up, because the IPC disparity is closer (axis 78, allies 105), and the axis need not rely on NOs to compete on an economic level.
    I did not mention China’s “income” either

    Allies have naval advantage in 42:  251 vs 212 (naval IPC values)
    Allies land ipc value advantage:  471 (includes china) vs 448

    I have not tried a 1942 game without NO’s (and no tech)

    1941 version is very different, as the NO’s are vital to the axis winning chances.

    The IPC disparity is greater (axis 58, allies 113), and the axis need the NOs to compete on an economic level.
    I did not mention China’s “income” either

    Axis have naval advantage in 41:  212  vs 193 (naval IPC values)
    Allies land ipc value advantage:  413 (includes china) vs 388

    I have played a couple of non-NO games of 1941.  The axis need a bid in this game.  Game play is very different in europe.  Re-usablilty of pieces is vital, and trading an inf for a 1 IPC territory is not a key (no need to stretch for the $5 IPC bonus)  The game is longer (less pieces added per round).

    I would say $6 for the axis?  The games I played were without a bid.

  • Liaison TripleA '11 '10

    Bid insanely high.

    The Allies have the advantage, simply because the Axis MUST succeed in reaching parity, or it’s doomed.

    Chance is against the Axis.  No amount of reasonable bid can encourage me to inherit the “Risk of Chance”  or “Onus of Liability and Risk”.

    As the allies, all you have to do is play prevent, and make sure -they- can’t win.  Time is on your side.

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