• With the 200th anniversary having just past there has been some discussion and articles but some have been making the argument that America won the war of 1812…

    So im just curious what the argument could have been for America winning the war?

    Personally I think its a clear cut soft britain/canada joint victory.

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    An old debate that has more often been fueled by nationalistic sentiments on either side than by any realistic assessment of the results of the war. In the end, the antebellum status quo was essentially maintained, so I’d call it a draw.

  • Yeah I guess a draw works divide the war into 2 parts

    1.  Invasion of canada, British forces hold off and win

    2. Retaliation from britain, reinforcements arrive and the brits go on the offensive but the USA holds on and wins some victories (though suffering some losses like the burning of washington).

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    The goal of the US was to conquer what is now Canada.  The goal of Britain was to prevent the US from attaining that goal.  Based on this it seems the party that does not attain their goal would certainly not ‘win’ while the party that does attain their goal would ‘win’ more than the party that did not attain their goal.

    Now, if you move the goal posts and state that the US goal was to stop the British navy from pressing US sailors into the British navy then you would have a different conclusion.

    I grew up in the area where much of the fighting occured.  In fact, later today I am going to a celebration where the local flour mill was the only one left standing in the area after the US burned the rest.  No mills means no support for the local militia and army.

  • this is totally ww2 history

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    ?? What is WW II history?

  • @ghr2:

    this is totally ww2 history

    there isnt another war history forum, but like most war/history it has ramifications that went all the way to ww1 and even ww2  :roll:

  • Well of course, but its more than just those wars.  One can say the Greek/Persian Wars had ramifications on WW1 and WW2.  Cause its ramifications were alot bigger and grander thna just WW1 and WW2 while still including them.  My point earlier was with all this talk about keeping things in relavent forums, one can simply put this stuff in the general forum or ask some one to create a forum titled Military History.

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