What Do Do With French Units (F1) That Survive German Attack

  • robbie358, I agree that taking Paris w/min losses makes sense. In Alpha 3 we normally take all land into Pairis (no air because of AA), and ignore the 2 coastal French tt’s (they are easy picking It1/G2). You’ll generally end up keeping your tanks/mech or tanks/art (whichever you prefer).

    Your sea battles look off to me too.

    “Two subs on the Canadian destroyer/transport[106], two subs (and maybe a bomber) on the UK destroyer/transport[109], leaves you one sub, with 4 fighters and a strategic bomber for the Battleship/cruiser/destroyer[111]”

    Sz 106 is cool, some times we go 1 on 1 just for kicks

    Sz 109, you’re risking a bmr because they will scramble at least 3 ftrs knowing the most they can lose air wise is one ftr (to your bmr, but that’s only if one of your subs hit), and you have a good chance of losing the subs as well so convoy may not happen in sz 109.

    Sz 111 also seems weak to me, I have trouble with that sz as it is, and I hate when that battle goes two rounds (at least toss a tac in there). If you buy bmrs G1, and no navy I might scramble Scotland too. If the Germans lose an abundance of air power, and have bought no navy G1 sea lion gets iffy, because if/when they go for it the German fleet is very vulnerable afterwords. Then you have the UK sz110 navy and Med fleet to deal with, the UK ground build up in Alpha+3, and Russia will be crawling up your crack if you go Sea Lion.

    I get the whole knock the destroyers out, but it seems to me that in your quest you have reversed the situation you brought up earlier. Instead of splintering the land battles, you have splintered the sea battles (exposing your air). In any case you seem to be risking a lot of German air power at sea, and then to the French AA gun as well (not good to lose axis air early on). I’m not saying you can’t be successful, but I could also see a disaster as well. Plus the whole thing was to keep your ground for the march to Moscow. If your adversaries know you don’t like to Sea lion then that also works against you IMO.

  • Wild Bill,  I understand what you’re saying, but I don’t agree.  The whole argument started because a guy half-massed the France attack with no planes in there on the usual bad advice of people on this board.  If that’s going to be the standard opening move, then I need to know what to do with my French units on F1.  Because I’ll have some left.  Beacuse you have a 51% chance of a win (or even 75%) doesn’t mean you will.  And if you do you’ll be weak there.

    If I was playing Germany, and I took out his destroyers (lets assume I change the attack a bit, the bombers might be able not reach 109) with my subs and a few planes, that leaves me a fighter left for Southern Italy, no destroyers at all to attack my subs, no transports for him to take anything back, and all my mechs and tanks, which still get to Russia on G3 because I wiped out France with one shot from all my bombers.

    I don’t understand what my problem is.  I can hit the UK navy on G2 and not hurt from it.  If he consolidates his navy and builds a destroyer (or anything else in the ocean for that matter) he’s an idiot, because I can wipe it all out THEN I CAN DO SEALION.  The UK must build infantry in England to counter that threat.

  • Robbie,

    1. The Brit will not let you hit his fleet G2.
    2. You have to get 2 hits with the subs in order to kill the transport in sz 109 (1/9 chance)
    3. If you do a standard attack on France (7 inf, 3 art, 4 mech, 6 tank, 1 tac), you have 100% chance of victory
    4. The UK is not at threat from sea-lion if they build 1 destroyer and and then 6 infantry.

    Again, you have a good concept, but you leave England too powerful by not attacking 110. You seem as if sz 110 is a bad maneuver, but it looks as if your over arching strategy is too weak to compensate for the lack of an attack on 110.

  • @robbie358:

    KillO, I think you’re probably right.  I’m just clueless as to why people just HAVE to hit the UK navy turn 1 at the cost of sending those planes into France.  Then you wonder why you lose everything.
    I’d rather the British survive (minus their destroyers) and keep all my mech and tanks for Russia, but that would just make too much sense.

    And hurry up and post here before the topic gets sent to “House Rules”.

    Its quite simple. UK fleet has to go away. Has to…otherwise you will have the UK on your doorstep early and often. Germany needs its forces to attack Russia. In the Alpha 3 build(and I believe in the Alpha 2 build) Germany has more then enough to both take France and take out the UK fleet. Unless they are screwed by bad rolling. If France lives past turn 1 you can call game right there. Germany needs the money from taking France.

    I have never seen a failed France attack that Germany has recovered from.

  • You can leave Southern France for Italy if you are uncomfortable with splitting your ground forces up to much. They can take it easily. It slows them down in Africa if they need to take Southern France but that ground can be made up.

  • TripleA

    Just keep em there or attack something or put it someplace he has to attack. Just use your freebies.

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