• Has anyone come up with good opening moves for Germany in Alpha 3?

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    Hi. Are some ideas on page 3 of this Global posting under "optimal… "
    I have not won as Axis since Alpha3, so will not give my 3 pennies worth.
    Find it hard adapting anyway; am such a stick in the mud.

  • Germany still has to take out as much of the UK fleet as possible and should get 2 planes to Italy no matter what. Its worth it to lose Germany’s battleship and some planes to make sure this happens.

    Please note that if you’re going sealion keep the battleship and lose more planes.

    This sets back the UK for so long (as long as Germany has an air and sub pressure) that Germany has a few rounds to not worry about any landings and can put all knids of pressure on USSR.

    I also like to take S France with Germany, it makes it easier to send an inf to egypt right about the time US and UK are starting to cause trouble. It’s a great time to score the extra 5 ipcs.

    Italy isn’t Germany but thay have to be Germany jr or ger 2, they must get tanks, mech and a plane into Russia to can open/threaten. It can be deadly!

  • The most common German opening look like this:

    sz110 send 1battleship, 1submarine, 3fighters, 3tac.bombers.
    sz111 send 2submarines, 1fighter, 1tac.bomber, 2bombers.
    sz106 send 2submarines.

    There are people that like to grab Normandy or Southen France G1, others that put everything against France.

    Hungary Fighter goes to SITA.

  • Build a Navy G1.

    • 1 sub, 1 Aircraft Carrier, 1 Destroyer.

    With a Navy, Germany can:

    • Disrupt English Convoys
    • Open up more possibilities in the Baltic Sea
    • Force the Allies to build more warships

    At the beginning you can do one of two things, both having the same result but with different liabilities.
    Option 1: (Mutually destructive and my preferred option)
    sz110: 2 subs, 2 fights, 2 tacs, 2 strat bombers
    sz111: 2 subs, 2 fights, 2 tacs

    This option will encourage the British player to scramble, because he can cause damage to your airforce. However, this will give your navy even more reign over the UK because most if not all of their fighters will be shot down, meaning they have little ability to counter attack. On the other hand, your airforce will likely have suffered several casualties as well. But, by preserving your Battleship, your total navy will consist of 1 BB, 1 CR, 1 DD, 1 AC loaded with 2 fights, and any number of subs which you constantly add each turn. This gives you great power over the now weaker UK.

    Option 2: (less risky, but less damage done to UK)

    sz110 send 1battleship, 1submarine, 3fighters, 3tac.bombers.
    sz111 send 2submarines, 1fighter, 1tac.bomber, 2bombers.
    sz106 send 2submarines.

    This will likely discourage any scrambling and thus your entire airforce will be preserved. However, this will likely leave your BB vulnerable to a counter attack, which means having a weaker navy and the British Airforce stronger. On the positive side, your airforce will also remain at full strength, giving you greater flexibility on both defense and offense.

    Of course, this is simply my own preferred strategy. Nothing dictates that the Germans MUST have a navy, but I personally believe its a very important addition.

  • G1:

    Purchase - 30 IPC
    1 CV
    1 DD
    1 SS


    1 BB via SZ112
    All Aircraft less the Tac in Poland and the Ftr in Hungary

    2 SS via SZ117 and SZ118

    2 SS via SZ108 and SZ103

    1 SS via SZ124

    2 Inf/Art via Holland

    3 Arm S.Germany
    4 Mech, 1 Art, 3 Inf via W.Germany
    3 Arm, 2 Inf via Holland
    1 Ftr via Hungary
    1 Tac via Poland

    6 Inf, 2 Art via S.France
    3 Arm via Poland, Hungary and Romania
    2 Inf via Hungary
    1 Inf via Romania

    Only thing to realistically note about this move is that if you sink all the ships in SZ110 and the BB is remaining, retreat to SZ112.


    1 Inf via Norway

    1 Inf via Romania

    1 CR via SZ114
    1 TT w/ 2 Inf from Poland to Norway
    2 Ftr via SZ110

    All remaining Aircraft from France and SZ110

    Unit Placement:

    Place 1 CV, 1 DD, 1 SS in SZ112

    End Move

    Notes about this opener:

    I like this opener due to the fact that provided the SS score hits in both SZ106 and SZ91 that you effectively eliminate units into England via Canada and help Italy in the Med.  Further, your SS are in a location (SZ106 and 91) that if the DD in SZ109 survives, that the UK has to choose one of the two to hit.

    Your fleet in SZ112 has the following in it:
    1 CV (with 2 Ftr)
    1 CR
    1 DD
    1 SS
    1 TT

    It also has the possibility of a tipped BB as well as 3 aircraft to scramble out of W.Germany.  This will most likely deter England from sending its SZ111 fleet against your fleet.  The preservation of your fleet in SZ112 is paramount to allowing for SS builds on G2 and G3 to keep England in a defensive posture until the US establishes a presence of a fleet in Europe.

    In example, the UK is going to have to face multiple SS from varied locations and it does not have enough DD to address them all, which enables Germany to establish a convoy on SZ109 as early as G2.  This convoy will probably survive until the 4th round before the US and England can remove your SS and fleet and regain control of the Atlantic.  This is beneficial to enabling a march on Moscow if the Allies cannot just waltz in with TT once the US enters the war.  Further, for every SS you purchase at 6 IPC - England has to spend 8 IPC on a DD to attack it with.  This creates a 2 IPC per SS advantage for Germany on top of any Convoy damage England takes.

    The drawback to this is that Germany will probably not make significant headway into Russia until G4 - but it also enables Japan to work its magic of getting China under control while establishing an AB in Northern China to fly in its entire starting Air Force in support of your delayed entrance into Russia.  Many Japanese players will not buy into this tactic, but from an Axis perspective, If Germany owns Moscow then the fight is for Egypt - which Japan can assist with via its fleet sailing PAST Calcutta and into the Med.  A combined Japanese/Italian move against Egypt is almost impossible to stop - especially if Germany is providing air cover out of W.Germany once Moscow falls.

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