Help with UK1

  • This is the board for the UK1, what do they do?

    Germany has:

    SZ112 SS, DD, CR, CV (2 Ftr), BB (Damaged), TT
    SZ106 2 SS
    SZ91 2 SS
    SZ119 SS
    WGr 2 Ftr, 4 Tac, 2 Bomber
    Normandy 2 Inf/Art
    France 1 Mech, 6 Arm
    Germany 11 Inf, 3 Art
    Hungary 2 Inf
    Yugo 5 Inf, 2 Art, 3 Arm
    Denmark 2 Inf
    Norway 4 Inf
    Finland 5 Inf
    Bulgaria 5 Inf

    UK Has:
    SZ109 DD, TT
    SZ111 DD, CR, BB
    Scotland Ftr
    England Ftr, Bomber

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    Forget it.  He’s got 6 4’s waiting for you if you attack 112.

    Attack sz 95 – bring bomber down from uk.  Buy inf to secure UK, retreat UK fleet just inside the med to kill off any remaining Italian stuff.

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    A.  Kill the Italian fleet in sea zones 97 and 95.
    B.  Garrison Gibraltar, abandon Malta.  Use the transports from Egypt and sea zone 109 to stack there.  If still alive next turn, consider the fun of visiting Brazil for more infantry.
    C. Stack infantry in London
    D.  Pick off submarines
    E.  Choose where losing hurts least, London, Cairo, or India.  Save the other two.

  • Do you guys mean z95 or z96?

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    Uk should attack 96 and then either 97 or 95.  97 is the more standard move, better odds.

  • So send to SZ97:

    Ftr/Bomber from London
    CV, CR, Tac from SZ98
    Ftr from Malta

    Send to SZ95:

    DD from SZ98
    Ftr from Gib

    Assuming SZ98 goes as planned, NCM the Inf and AA out of Malta to Gib.
    NCM 2 Inf out of Scotland to Gib exposing the TT to a sinking on the next round by Germany?

    What do you do with the fleet in SZ111 (BB, CR, DD)?  Do you put a DD blocker in SZ110 to prevent Germany from One-Two punching Gib with Italy?

    Do you send your DD from SZ109 against the 2 subs in SZ106?  There are two SS in SZ91, one in SZ119 that can strike with the German Fleet in SZ109 that basically assures a Convoy on UK2.

    Do you give up the Ftr or DD in SZ95 (More ships = more problems for Italy) or do you land the Gib Ftr on Malta in hopes you deter an exposed TT landing in N.Africa?

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    Do what France did: surrender.
    Seriously, buy Inf for UK, a factory  for Cairo if you feel brave and hit Italy hard as suggested by others. Cannot sit back and let Italy take the Med.
    If Sealion works remember Russia will join the Allies and  come next, so they want to be on Germany’s borders to push through any weak spots.
    We are all rooting for you: nasty Germans!

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