• I’m trying to print IL’s “AA50” variant map on several A4 labels to attach to foldable game boards I bought from a German game supplies store.

    It is proving much more tricky than I thought. Acrobat reader has this poster printing functionality, but I can’t seem to make the overlaps work properly. The game boards are roughly 1cm (1/3 inch or so) smaller than the A4 labels, so it should be possible. It takes like an hour for Acrobat to generate the printout tiles, so it is rather difficult to experiment…  :?

    Any help or tips would be much appreciated. Has anyone done this before, or are you generally printing posters instead?

    The tiles need to be 277 x 190 mm as that is the measure of each part of the foldable map. I do realize that it is going to be a lot of pages.

    Thanks in advance.

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    I haven’t used it myself, but the Rasterbator might be of use.

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    I tackled a similar project once with one of his other maps. Basically I printed the whole map out on a plotter that was 42" wide. Then I sliced the whole thing up using a sharp hobby knife and steel straight edge. Next, I took the board material and sprayed it with a spray adhesive. You need to make sure it;s tacky but not wet. Wet will make the paper wrinkle. Laid out each panel on the tacky glue boards and squeezed from center out to get it flat. Dried over night.

    Not sure this helps your project. I’ve tried that tile function before with no luck. I did once take a map I made and cut it into 8.5" X 11" panels using Photoshop so I could print it at home. That may work for you!

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    Just print the map as one piece at the printers. It will look a hundred times better and it can be rolled up. Even on cheap paper it cant cost more than $50 and think of all that ink you wasting on the printer, add the time cutting and taping…it just makes no sence.

  • After Action Report:

    I decided to order a printed poster as adviced above. it looks pretty good, but the dark areas are a bit too dark, and I even increased the gamma slightly before i submitted the file. Unfortunately they made a horrible cropping of the image, and it is basically useless. The entires US west coast is missing  :?  See the attached image.

    I have now contacted the printer’s customer service, hoping they will redo the poster….

    picture of crop error compressed 2.jpg

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    IL is right. Got all my maps 3 x 6, 4 x 8 printed on vinyl. Banner Material. Cost of 3 x 6 map $75.00 and 4 x 8 map $107.00. They also can format it so you don’t lose any territories. They once forgot to shrink whole map to 3 x 6 when I had a 4 x 8 foot map in that size file. Lost a bunch of territoies because they didn’t shrink file. It was  Tigerman’s old map.

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