Which side does Global favor?

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    well, hard to say what’s going on without seeing your games.

    I guess the only thing I can say without seeing your boards is that Germany and Italy should be killing everything in sight round 1-3 and Japan should be moving deep into China and the USSR ready to crush everything in sight about round 3-6.

    You guys should get on the forum and play some games.  Best way to see what’s up.

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    Hi. What is a nerf?

    NERF is a toy manufacturer - they specialize in foam balls and foam swords.  To say something has been nerfed is to say that you took something real and made it useless or worthless.

  • Yes Russia could use some more units to make it more difficult for the all out push from Germany, Italy, and Japan. It seems that it comes down to the luck of the roll, the last 3 games it came down to the dice to determine Russia’s fate.
    As far as playability I think its a great game and fairly evenly matched.
    If I get the U.S.A. I think I’ll try Tech, usally its a waste of money.

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    The problem with adding units to Russia is that America/England have been made virtually impossible to kill.  So we either make the game more fun for Russia AND weaken USA/UK to make it possible to beat them again, or we don’t do anything and leave it a monochromatic game (attack Russia being the only viable strategy.)

    I, for one, seriously miss being able to do KEF.  I’m not saying it was an “I win” button, because it wasn’t.  But I miss the OPTION.  At least KCF (Kill Calcutta First) is still very viable.

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