• @miamiumike:

    Scarapis - you really need to stop comparing Magic to A&A - they are two entirely different games and gaming systems, as BB has pointed out. WIth that logic, I can compare Monopoly and Rise and Decline of the Third Reich and try to put the same constraints on both games….

    People stalling and messing around is always a possibility - but - in the many years (6+ now) that I have either played or ran Greg’s tournaments we have very rarely ever had problems. If someone is stalling or playing excessively slow, they get warned. If they continue - they forfeit. I am not sure how many years it has been since that happened.

    And you need to read my posts a bit closer - I said I would be willing to give it a try and, in fact,
    I think in a Masters or ‘expert’ tournament it could work. It will NEVER work, IMHO, for a tournament designed to attract as many people as possible. As BB also stated - that is the goal for Greg and for WotC for the A&A line of games.


    therein lies the problem, 1 A&A and Magic are both ran by the same company, and WotC has a habit of form fitting all of their games into one type set, so don’t be surprised if WotC starts installing time frames.

    as to getting new players involved, AA50 or even 42 won’t do it, you want to get new players then 41 is where its at, its simple and easy to learn and play, and with A&A 41, most time limits and such are out the window since its a quick easy game.

  • @miamiumike:

    I need someone to explain a bit better how this chess clock idea will work.

    Let’s say the tournament round is set for 6 hours (which is what AA50 games are set to currently). This would then mean each team has 3 hours of time? In the middle of round 6, Italy is up and opps - the Axis run out of time - they automatically lose?

    If this is correct, then I guess that means we want to have NO new people play the game. Not even people who have played but are not true ‘experts’. The only situation I could see possibly thinking about using this idea would be in a Masters type tournament. That would be it. Otherwise, you will kill any non-hardcore player from ever even attempting a tournament game. For the Masters, it might work.

    I’d be willing to give it a try - just to see how it goes - but I cannot see how this helps grow the number of people who would want to play in a tournament.


    I discuss the check clock idea further here: http://www.axisandallies.org/forums/index.php?topic=27947.0

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