Enhanced Weapons Development Chart

  • These are the tech’s my group plays with:

    First, roll 1D6 to determine Research Path…

    1. Shipping
    2. Barrage
    3. Flight
    4. Industry
    5. Figher Tech
    6. Rockets & Conscription

    Next, roll 1D6 and if it’s odd – use a; if even – use b…

    1a) Super Transports
    1b) Super Submarines

    2a) Super AA guns
    2b) Heavy Artillery

    3a) Long Range Aircraft
    3b) Heavy Bombers

    4a) Industrial Technology
    4b) Industrial Growth

    5a) Jet Power
    5b) Folding Wings

    6a) Rockets
    6b) Expanded Conscription

    Now what these new tech’s are:

    Super transports - Each of your Transports may now carry up to 3 infantry or 1 armor and 1 infantry

    Super submarines - Same as old rules

    Super AA guns - Each of your AA guns rolls 2 dice instead of 1

    Heavy Artillery - Your Artillery units now receive 2 dice when attacking or defending, and 2 dice when shelling

    Long Range Aircraft - Same as old rules

    Heavy Bombers - Each attacking Bomber rolls 2 dice (not 3) instead of 1

    Industrial Technology - Every unit’s production cost is reduced by 1 IPC

    Industrial Growth - The quantity and type of units that any of your new factories can produce is unrestricted

    Jet Power - Same as old rules

    Folding Wings - Up to 3 of your Fighter units may land on your Aircraft Carriers

    Rockets - Same as old rules

    Expanded Conscription - Receive 2 infantry units during the “Place New Units” phase on each of your turns

  • Although I’d like to … I can’t take credit for these new tech’s … these were adopted from Black Baron’s “Enemy on the Horizon” Expansion Set. The were only altered a little bit.

    I like these tech rules so much … I just had to share! :lol:

    Enjoy! 😎

  • Note – one of the techs “Heavy Artillery” uses a new Artillery piece. For those of you who don’t have Artillery units … you could place a control marker under an AA gun. If any one would like the Artillery rules – I’d be happy to post them.

  • Looks pretty good to me. 🙂
    I also came up for similar rules for my A&A: Diplomacy House Variant.

  • Great Post- please do post artillery rules!

  • Artillery:

    Artillery units may attack using one of two options during a single turn. Artillery may attack as normal at a die roll of “4” or less and defend at “2” or less. They have a movement range of one space/territory. The cost to produce this unit is 5 IPC’s.

    Much like AA guns, artillery untis are restricted to one per territory, however artillery units attack and defend like regular units during each round of combat. Defeated artillery units cannot be taken over like AA guns, they are destroyed in combat.

    In addition, the artillery unit has a second attack option. The unit may “shell” a neighboring land territory during the Attack Sequence with one die hitting on a 3 or less. If the “shelling” method of attack is used, the artillery cannot attack as normal.

    NOTE: There is no defense against the “shelling” of an artillery unit.

  • Very nice. 😄

    What about other techs?

    Such as tougher ships, with this you would have 3 hit battleships and 2 hit aircraft carriers? Would make people buy them more in the game I think.

    Heavy Armor, attacks at a 4 defends at a 3.

    Faster ships, all ships including subs move 3 spaces.

    What you guys think of addind these.

    By the way I know somewhere these have been broughten up, so please don’t think I’m taking credit.

  • Actually, the group I play with has a variety of extra pieces that we play with – thanks to Table Tactics’ “A&A Accessories” and “Central Powers” Expansion Piece Sets. So, we have 2 types of tanks already. However, the more tech’s the merrier – I think!

    There’s also the option that W@W uses … “Once a certain Technology has been discovered, any player may have that Technology on the very next turn by simply paying 10 IPC’s to the bank for developing costs” (but, I really don’t like that rule).

  • I don’t like that rule either. It should only apply to your fellow allies.

  • @waraxis:

    I don’t like that rule either. It should only apply to your fellow allies.

    You’re right!

    I wouldn’t mind trying that rule out (modified like you said). Seems reasonable that if US discovered some new technology that they would share it (during war) with their Allies.

    Thanks for the idea!

  • i use a tech called breakthrough, where after a tank attacks it can ''breakthorugh ‘’ and attack an adjacent territory. You can do this no matter how many tanks you have, this is to represent how the germans took over poland and france so quickly, but you have to be careful of over extending your units, and also be careful because only tanks can participate in a breakthrough

  • Moderator

    pretty cool

  • 2007 AAR League

    What about atomic bombs?

  • Probably too game braking… 😉

  • 2007 AAR League

    When atomic bombs are used on East and West, five units are automatically removed from the board and the value of that territory is decreased by one after that country’s every move (Or something like that 😎 ).

  • How much do they cost?

  • 2007 AAR League

    20 I.P.C.'s (if you have the technology) 😄 .

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