• 2007 AAR League

    Has anyone ever noticed that it is fairly easy for Germany to take Britain’s capital on either the first or second turn? Just wondering.

  • Unfortunately, this actually happened to my side once. UK sent their two fighters to support Karelia and all that was left in England were a bomber and a couple inf. Undoubtedly the second suckiest A&A experience I’ve had. :evil: :evil:

  • The only problem is that the UK player (if he’s a good one) can see the German buildup at least one turn in advance and put a foil into those plans.

  • This is a tempting thought but probably nothing more than a tactic to use against a novice Allied player (or one you can catch sleeping at the whell).

    The way I see it being done is not possible the first round, maybe the second if you can knock out the fleet, plus both transports survive (or at LEAST one, most favourably the one in Baltic) and launch all air you have at him after taking out what fleet Britain builds on T1 as well. Then you can take one infantry hit before you have to start saccing planes in order to occupy.

    Given somewhere Germany probably losses one plane in T1 to attacking the fleet or some fluke role…

    Well, it’s certainly something to keep an eye on since even if you lost all air support and only held it for one turn it would probably be worth it in the long run from plundering and from the setback to England (i.e. nothing doing in India nor covered transports for a while).


  • I don’t even see this as a tactic; it’s more a fluke like you said. It primarily rests in luck and some stupid thing happening.

  • You would have to be incredibly lucky and know how to split the Luftwaffe between (A) Going after the Allied Navy (UK most likely built a carrier on her turn) and (B) the assault on UK itself.

  • It would also include most likely Germany purchasing at least one more fighter/ bomber on G1 which means that there’s a good chance even with RR that Russia on R2 can make an effective stab against German strength in the east… and if the attack on Britain fails, or the AA gun gets lucky you are a sitting duck on both the east and western fronts.

    NOW, having said that what you could do is buy a carrier and transport on G1 plus some infantry, land two planes on it after taking out the Uk Fleet, take out the UK new fleet (which is tought esp if USA sends fighters to Uk Carrier on USA1) with maybe the sub in med if it survived (if it’s in western med) plus sub in Baltic get a few quick hits… er, on second thought it’s a really REALLy tough thing to pull off.

    And if anyone is that lucky with dice, please contact me and we can go hang out in Atlantic City…

  • 2007 AAR League

    With two subs, one transport, and two infantry, plus your entire Luftwaffe, I’ve come up with a victory at the Battle of Britain more often than not. Then if I still hold Britain, and the U.S. player isn’t too smart, I can start plans on invading Washington. Plus, if the Japanese player is doing well, he’ll be knocking on Moscow’s door and demolishing the Americans in the Pacific. However, you guys have your opinions, and I’m no one to argue.

  • With two subs, one transport, and two infantry, plus your entire Luftwaffe

    That’s the problem I see though… because here’s the issue.

    Agreed that first we need to take out the waters around UK, which needs probably more than just two subs (if Russian player hasn’t already tried to take them out on R1 if no RR). If Subs get killed, invasion force is sunk. If you devote enough air power to clear out the English channel, you risk not having enough to deal with the UK itself.

    I may try this one out just the rolls to see how often the German player can come up with a victory. It will cost him all aircraft however and R2 the Russian player WILL come hard at him if possible.

    But I’ll tell you what, it’s nice to see some alternative views on how to take a new angle on the game. There’s no criticism here, just my view that I don’t think it’s feasible until at least G3 and by that time it’s too late I believe the initial post was about it being feasible during the very beginning of the game.

  • Well for G1 with RR, let’s assume that the naval battle goes perfectly, the maximum forces you can attack Britain itself is:
    1 fighter from WEU
    1 fighter from FIN
    1 bomber from GER
    2 inf from GER via transport
    Britain will have:
    2 inf, 1 arm, 2 fighters, 1 bomber, 1 AA

    Run some numbers, lets see you need at least one infantry to survive…. congratulations! You have a 7.1% chance of taking Britain on the first turn! Remember this is assuming that the water battle went perfectly.

    As for a G2 invasion, it may be possible if you somehow possess a surviving transport in range, and the the allies aren’t remotely good at the game.

  • 2007 AAR League

    But I’ll tell you what, it’s nice to see some alternative views about how to take a new angle on the game.~kyrial

    Thanks 😄 .

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