Simplified house rules for newbie players?

  • Me and my friends just discovered AA Europe.  Great game, but we have discovered that it’s terribly unbalanced, as most of you seem to know already.

    We looked up a few house rules and most of the ones we found are very long winded and complicated for guys like us who are just starting out.

    Does anyone have some house rules to balance the game that are a little more basic?  Not looking for anything crazy.

  • AAE is a great game.  If you don’t read any of the online articles of how to break the game then it can be quite enjoyable.  It is my experience that very new gamers find Germany wins, and then with some experience it shifts to the Allies.  Then with some of the game breaking techniques it flips back to Germany.  Which stage is you group at?

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    I would download the pdf rules available for the earlier editions of Axis and Allies and incorporate some of them - the rules have gradually gotten more complex since the '80s.

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