Newbie Russia versus an Experience Germany

  • You see,a couple of friends and I get together with our old 5th grade teacher and play Axis and Allies. I get russia, and my old teacher chooses Germany. I have only played the game once, and with Russia I have a plan, but it might not be the right one.

    The last time I played I tried to put as much forces as possible in the places outside of Russia’s capital, and Germany pocketed their forces, and attacked one place at once, making my build-up useless. My plan throw all of my forces back to the capital, blocking germany from asia. Is there something else I should do? What can I do with my small navy if i am not allowed to attack on the first turn? How about my aircraft? Lastly, how should I defend in East Asia? Put all my forces in one place as well?

    Thanks for any help.

  • turn 1: send navy to north sea to defend english fleet, send moscow infantry and 3infantry from caucasus into Karelia as well as 2 fighters. Move 3 tanks to Moscow, 1 tank from far east to novosibirsk, send 2 infantry from evenki to yakut. Place all new units in Karelia. Germany will kill itself attacking Karelia, Japan will most likely not attack Yakut, Any attacks can be counterattacked by your tanks, infantry and planes.

  • As Russia, remember you have a huge advantage in the first few turns. Hit germany hard in Finland, Ukraine, and Eastern Europe. Remember to retreat to Karelia if needed. Dont attack without sufficient infantry.

  • Russia is in a tight situation at the beginning of the game. You have to decide either to attack or to stand in a defensive position. It really depends on the kind of player you are and who you are playing against.

    In my earlier games, I use to act defensivly by mustering every infantry I have into Karelia and pulling all my tanks to Moscow. In the East, I would always attack Manchuera and than I would place all my new infantry into Karelia.

    Now playing, I find that not attacking Germany, actually gives them in advantage, especially when you havn’t bothered to “knock down” at least 2-3 IPCs off their incom, as well as having all their offensive power to be used against you. It sets yourself up behind in the war production against the “Deutcher”.
    Attacking Finland/Norway, is one good option for the IPC gain and the safety of Germany not immediatly countering. But it doesn’t really hurt the Germans. Attacking the Ukraine has always worked for me. I usually use all 8 infantry from Caucaus and Karelia and 2 of 3 tanks and a fighter. Then, Use the Russian sub and Cargo ship + plane and try and sink the Germany sub and cargo.
    There is an advantage to the Russians for two main reasons:
    1. It lowers the German IPCs by 3,(Russias need all they can get.
    2. It destroys 2 German tanks, a fighter and three infantry. This knocks the German offense down 1/5 right off the bat! It really depends on how many units you have left,whether or not the Germans want to counter and destroy your 2 tanks. It’s quite risky on their part due to the fact that it spreads thier forces apart and makes for easier pickings. I always buy 6 infantry and one armor my first round as Russia, in the expectation of losing my two attack tanks. That would leave approx 10 infantry in Karelia and two fighers and two tanks left to counter. The disadvantage is, it leaves Karelia a little weaker than usual but you still have 2-4 Infantry and four tanks to help counter a German retaliation into Karelia.
    Manchuera, I suggest avoiding it. It’s not worth the IPC gain of 3 when, 8 out of 10 times you end up losing 5 infantry and a tank by turn 2. You can use those troops and the tank to help slow down the Japanese advance or to help reinforce the Western front.
    These are some suggestions everybodies got their own way of playing. Hope it help.

  • but ruissia is not allowed to attack in first turn, only move around.

  • Then reinforce the British Navy with your ships, buy all inf in Karelia, move all but one of Caucasus inf to karelia, move fighters to karelia (or india sometimes), and consolidate forces in Yakut. Next turn, attack where it looks good, and if you are losing or don’t want to move your forces to the invaded territory, retreat after you have caused enough damage. If the germans succeed in taking Karelia T1, then reinforce Moscow with inf.


  • If you are playing against an experienced opponent, why is it that you are playing Russia Restricted?

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