• So my roommate and I play Global quite frequently and our games shall we say get a little competitive.  So in our most recent incarnation my roommate made his India move assuming I had no planes that could reach Calcutta.  He made this assumption due to the fact that he had misidentified my strategic bombers as tactical bombers.  So, when I mad my move as the Japanese I attacked Calcutta with my strategic bombers and enough infantry to take it, and simultaneously struck Honolulu setting the stage to potentially win the game.  The issue with this entire sequence of events is-he saw that I had planes that could reach Calcutta after I had made my move, and upon recognizing this he said he wanted to change his move (basing this notion on the fact that if he knew they were strategic bombers he would never have left Calcutta so lightly defended).  But I said that he couldn’t change the move, that his mistake is and my subsequent taking advantage of said mistake is the way the game is played.  Am I totally off base here for not allowing him to change the move?


  • Visitors, please feel free to post your opinion.  Since I’m a relative novice at the game I’d like to have something definitive from experienced players by tonight.


  • I say if it was a honest mistake the original move should stand because he should have been keeping track of what units you had. So in my opinion it was not all your fault, it was partly his fault for not double checking your work.
    This post only stands if it was a honest mistake.

  • TripleA

    If dice were rolled then you can’t take it back otherwise he is still doing movements.

    also you can’t take stuff back when your turn is over.

  • '15

    I gotta agree with Cow on this one.  Sometimes you miss stuff, and that’s part of the game.  It’s still a huge part of the game for me, and I’m on (I think) my 7th game now.  No takebacksies.  You just gotta suck it up and play on.

  • whenever I see my oponent making a really dumb move, I make him aware of what could happen. I don’t really like ending a game just because he did something REALLY stupid. That is when I play my friends in real life…

    This doesn’t really apply the other way around, but seeing as I’m the most experienced player in my group of friends, I don’t really mind it…

    I had the same thing once… we were playing 1942 and I left London undefended where I mistaked his german transport for a cruiser. Bam, lost London…

  • in real war mistakes and miscalculations happen all the time. thats what makes the game exciting.its called the fog of war.

  • They who think to one side get flanked on the other.

  • Some things we let go, for example forgetting to collect your income or place your units.  We try to stay on the honor system as much as possible - because whats the point of playing a board game if you intend to cheat to win?

    As an aside, things like not “seeing” something or mis-identifying something after you end your turn is subject to the situation.  Forgetting to move ships to protect TT… tough luck you lose your TT.  Not realizing that aircraft are bombers - tough luck and good play on your opponent.

    But things that generally don’t impact unit losses like NCM AA guns forward or taking an obvious move such as forgetting to NCM that 1 Inf you didn’t use to take Bulgaria on G1, which was an obvious move that was setup in the combat move - we generally let go.

    Of course, if we notice something after the fact when die have already been cast and it would impact that battle - generally tough luck.

    A HUGE part of this game is attention to detail, particularly in strategic moves.  I’ve found it best to stop before you end your combat moves and again before you end NCM moves to step back, grab a drink and scan the board.  You’d be surprised what you catch if you stop rushing - intentionally or not.

  • Live and learn.  it’s all fun.

  • TripleA

    calcutta is supposed to fall anyway, who cares.

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