• I know when an enemy ship is of the coast of one of the islands i occupy that has a convoy route on it i don’t get IPCs from that territory. but If the enemy ship is moved out of the sea zone do i get money from that island or is it still blockaded?

  • I beleive you would only lose the money if the convoy center was captured.

  • I think you have to recapture the convoy route before you can get the IPCs from that island again.

  • I think that the convoy centers, the one’s with the union jack flag and ipc numbers on them must be recaptured by the allies, even if there is’nt any enemy ships there… But the convoys assosiated with the islands is only blockaded as long as there is enemy warships in that seazone… as sone as they leave, the landowner can collect the income without recapturing the seazone…


  • In fact, the key to this question has no matter with the location of the enemy ships. If you read p.22-23 of the rulebook about the section “Convoy Routes and Convoy Centers”, you should know that only the sovereignty of that sea zone matters.

    If the seazone is controlled by your enemy, you can’t receive a penny from that territory even if that seazone is empty.

    If the seazone is under your control, you can receive the IPC even an enemy ship stops in that seazone.

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