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    “The encirclement was complete by 25 March with 6 Soviet armies (3rd Guards Tank, 4th Tank, 1st Guards, 18th, 38th and 40th Armies) applying pressure to Hube’s force. At the same time, the external encirclement, held by 13th and 60th Armies and 1st Tank Army, was designed to force the German 4. Panzerarmee and 8. Armee back and unable to attempt a rescue operation. It is at this point that 1. Panzerarmee was probably very lucky to have Generaloberst Hube in command and Field Marshal Erich von Manstein in command of Army Group South. Both men were proponents of “mobile defensive” operations which allowed a large force to attempt a break through of encircling forces while maintaining a strong backwards defensive posture from rear guard units.” (source :Stephen Bernich from a diffrent Forum)

    What would have constituted a TOTAL victory at Kamenets -Podolsk for the Soviet Army?…

    Did the Germans escape Destrustion or just evade a Russian victory?..

    Your Thoughts…

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