Whats da difference between A&A and A&A europe A&

  • Whats da difference between A&A and A&A europe A&A pacific and whitch rules are the best ? The second edition or the third?

  • I like the 3rd Edition rules the best.

    A&A is the entire world, A&A:Europe is just Europe, and A&A:Pacific is just the Pacific theater/campaigns.

  • A&A has U.S, U.K., and Russia as Allies, A&AE has all the Allies and Germany in the European theater, and A&AP has U.K and U.S vs. Japan in the Pacific. In my opinion A&A original is the best, but I’ve only played that and A&AE. As far as rules go, I don’t have any idea about that.

  • A&A was the original version
    A&AE has some new pieces , no tech rolls, a different board, and convoy routes
    A&AP has some more new pieces , no tech rolls, a different board, and convoy routes, convoy centers, kamikaze, CAP, and VP win for Japan

  • I also luike the new SBR system with fighter escorts and interceptors they used in A&A: E and P.

  • I agree witht the comment about the improved SBR rules. Of all three games, I prefer AA Pacific. In Original AA I always prefer playing either
    the U.s. or Japan. AAP Also brings out the invaluable contributions of India & Australia to the Allied War effort. I like that China isn’t just a two territory blob like in AA original. I am thinking of adopting the comittment rule from Xeno Games W@W game. The only complaint I’ve ever run into (aside from the one: The US has too much money…) is tha tThe Chinese Communists (Mao Zedong etc) aren’t represented—.
    Over all the game is excellent

  • i like second edition because its simpler

  • i also like the original A&A

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