• Hi,Im new to A&A I have a 3 or 4 good games in. Recently we’ve been fooling around with a free for all-CiV type game that I don’t enjoy as much. Next time we play I think we will play traditional Axis and Allies Global and I think I’ll be playing the United Kingdom for the first time in my next game. Possibly with a second faction like china,ANZAC or France(lol) depending on how many people we have.
    Do you any tips for the good ol’ UK. They are guaranteed to have a tough time as they are over extended and lack the standing armies or the IPCs of their axis rivals, except for possibly Italy. Despite that I think playing the UK could be fun, holding down the fort in a heroic stand while the Yankees and Ruskies are just standing around.

  • Hi
    the first thing you need to do is to redraw your troops to fewer terriories.
    In the first round I normally buy 5 inf and Minor complex for the eur-uk. then i tak one art from alexandria and sail to persia. with means +2. The fleet that survive the german attack is put together in the same seazone proberly 110 or 109. Depends on the situation. then i move the british fleet in the med to the red sea, expet one destroyer, so the italy does not have a free shoot with the cc or bb in case the attack. The army in alexandria is move back to egypt, but i leve 1 inf so Italy can´t blitz fro Libya. The feet at the pacific map is evacuated to east africa…

    with the minor IC your are able to stop italy on their way to the middeleast. And with the minor IC i south africa and in Egypt you can use transporters move land units to west india in one turn. And if you later on build a navel base in west india you are going very well. This triangle is very dangerous for the axis. the key to victory is to be able to move your troops better than the axis… And then you can hold italy under 20 ipc.

    at the pacific map i buy inf for the defence of calcutta. Beware of the japs… when they attack it hurts, and goes very fast. I do also take the planes from the pacific map and move them to africa. I protect the expensive units. there is not need to make them sitting ducks…

    hope i helps you

  • It all depends on what the Axis do. If they go Sealion (or appear to be doing so), FULL INFANTRY. If not, a minor is nice UK2 (coolrunner, where do you put it on UK1?). For the Pacific, I like full-inf with maybe an art or AA so that Japan has to put too much into taking India.

  • What if Germany appears to be going full Barbarossa? I asume I could be more aggressive in Africa or buy some bombers to give a head ache to Germany.

  • If the germans buy 4 transports in their first round it is an other situation. But then it is not very good german player. It is to easy to defend aginst sealion for the british.

    the 5 inf are placed in London to defend… Then on the next round I buy 3 tanks for Cario and inf for London…

    In Calcutta I buy inf. sometimes i bought a transport here to take the DEI islands. but my opponent had made a smart trick to deal with this, so i don´t do that any more. but you can do that in the first round with UK-p. buy 2 transporters and one inf. Then one of them are going to south africa and the other are going to take DEI… then more them quickly to africa to get them out of sight of the jap fleet.

    I know Calcutta will be easy to take. But then it is importent that ANZAC don’t go to aggesiv against the japs. just hold Sidney… The same with the americans. protect Hawaii…

    Sidney is more harder to re-capture that Calcutta…
    but it all depends on what the japs are doing as well

  • If Germany does Sealion. Then you get as many infantry as possible with your money, you bring things from Canada. Land all planes possible. And save any kind of navy you will still have so that it can haunt Germany later on.

    The purpose of this is to make London easier for America to liberate and take as many German things with you to the grave as possible. This makes it harder to defend England as Germany has to ferry infantry. (The minor Ic can build only minimal defense) and a more difficult attack on the Soviet Union.

    In my games sometimes Germany gets hit so hard by taking London that the Soviet Union moves into the grey spaces and gets money. My latest game they actually made an attack on Berlin.

    In Africa once the minor IC in South Africa stops getting money it gets pretty impossible to hold on to. Just keep your forces in Anglo Egypt because Italy almost always has to go through their to get to the big money. To solve this problem I usually send Indians to Africa to help with the Italy threat and more importantly keep them out of the Middle East where there is more cash and the opportunity to attack the Soviet Union from another side.

    Germany goes Barbarossa. Feed the South Africa IC and keep Italy out of Africa. Don’t let them get that factory in Egypt or even worse Iraq. If you can get enough man power in Africa then you can go through the Middle East and up into the Soviet Union to assist them from Germany who by now is probably inches from Moscow.

    Coordinate with the United States and get a big enough navy to open up a Western front. This is the most obvious way to help the Soviet Union. You can even send some spare air force to the Soviet Union if possible.

  • TripleA

    don’t land all planes possible in uk… just have america buy bombers to land in uk. you got to go sink italy man.

  • bombers are to expensive… buy inf and art instead… they are better in defence and attack than a single bomber… 2 bombers is 24 ipc. for that you can get 4 inf and 3 art. witch is 7 units and 7 dices instead of 2

  • TripleA

    I said america buy bombers…

  • bombers for america is still expensive… buy inf and art instead… and fleet to secure to oceans

  • TripleA

    nah I always buy bombers usa 1 when germany buys naval r1. Japan usually DOWs J2. The only exception would be if japan opens with sino russia strategy, in which case I go full pacific buys rounds 1-4… if germany takes london then I can turn around and almost full atlantic (couples subs or dds for upkeep), because I secured the pacific theater with just those 4 rounds of buy (china, uk pac, and anzac can handle after that).

    pretty much my allies strategy centers around uk sinking 97 and the spot below it in low luck games, for dice games it depends on what naval germany sunk…

    Two different styles of germany, most do 110 and 111 and that dd transport off canada. others do the cruiser off gib, canada fleet, and either 110 or 111 or 109. If 110 is alive, yeah sure you can merge your fleet instead of doing 97 otherwise you pretty much have to sink 97, which kind of sucks because it is only 84% and not 94%

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