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Don't step on the Ducks!

  • 3 Friends who loved golf were on the golf course having a good time.  A storm came in and struck all 3 down with lightning killing them.

    In the afterlife all 3 found themselves on a prestine golf course loaded with ducks.  A booming voice announced to them “Your reward for having lived such good lives is that you shall know heaven as being this golf course, the only rule here is that THALL SHALL NOT STEP ON THE DUCKS!”

    One of the friends asked “why not”?

    DO NOT QUESTION ME! - and suddenly God was gone.

    A hundred years pass and the friends have a great time playing golf, but inevitably one accidently steps on a duck.  God Swoops down from the heavens with a hidiously ugly woman who he chains to the man and says “This is how you will spend the rest of eternity”.  And than they are gone.

    The two remaining friends look at each other and say “Shit, DON’T STEP ON THE DUCKS!”

    Being extra careful they play golf for a 1000 years, but unfortunately one of them does step on a duck.  God swoops down and grabs him up and chains him to a woman x1000 times worse than the first and says to him “this is how you will spend the rest of eternity!”

    The last guy is paranoid as hell not to step on a duck.  10,000 years go by and he NEVER steps on a duck.  Still, God comes down and swoops him up.  But this time he chains him to the most drop dead, cum in your pants, hot girl you have ever seen - and than flies away.

    Dumbfounded the guy tells the girl 'Wow, I don’t know what I did to deserve this".

    She responds “I don’t know about you, but I stepped on a duck”.

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