HBG Train Station & Rail Markers : How should it be used ?

  • Hi

    HBG has now released both Rail Station and Rail Markers :



    • What should they cost?
    • How should they be used?
    • How many territories should be allowed to Rail through?
    • Should Territories IPC value have something to say according to Rail Capacity?

    Maybe this should be discussed In the House Rule Thread?

    What Is Your Thoughts about Rail Station Markers, Rail Markers and Rail Capacity?

  • They could make a lot of interesting ideas! Especially on the 1939 map…

    I’d say Artillery, AA guns and infrantry can move 1 extra space.

    Rail markers and rail station markers work the same way except units can only hop off and on trains on territorries with rail station markers.

    They can only move through territorries adjacent to territorries with rail station markers or rail markers.

    They can not move on trains when their move ends on a territorry with only a rail marker. So you would always have something like this Rail station -> rail way -> rail station -> rail way -> rail station etc.

    They can be SBR’d up to 6 dmg points (like AB’s and NB’s).

    they would cost… I don’t know… Rail stations slightly more then rail ways. I’d say 6 and 9 (wich equals the 15 of a NB or AB) and give every capital or territory that starts with a major industry complex a rail way station marker and some territory in one of the most eastern soviet territorries as well… No rail ways yet.

    Maybe something like this?

    Or maybe make them cheaper… railways were fairly cheap to build… I’d like to see how it would balance things out tho… And I wonder how many at the same could move faster… Maybe 4 units at a time (at least 2 infrantry)?

  • Hi

    Here is my opinion about Rail Station Markers and Rail Markers.

    • Railing Units takes part in Non-Combat Movement.
    • Any Land Unit can Move/Rail up 4 Territories. (I feel the range must be the same for all land units)
      -It has to start in a territory with a Rail Station Marker, but can stop/off-load in a territory with a Rail Station Marker OR Rail Marker.
      -The Rail Capacity is the same as the Territories IPC value. A Territory with a IPC value of 5 can rail up to 5 land units, this also the number of units it can receive. A territory with IPC value of example 3, can only Rail 3 or receive 3 railed units per turn/round. A territories Rail Capacity is the same as the territories IPC value.

    Rail Station Marker Cost : 10.IPC (Can both Rail/Receive Railed Units)
    Rail Marker Cost : 5.IPC (Can only Receive Railed Units)

    Or to make it more easy:

    Rail Station Marker [Cardbord] : Gives Land Units with a Movement of 2, +1 Movement and Land Units with Movement of 1, +2 Movement. This way you can Rail (Move) all Land Units, Infantry, Artillery, AA Guns, Mechanized Infantry and Tanks 3 Spaces/Territories. I think that would make sense.

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