Aleutian islands sea port - USA

  • Is this doable by the rules? if so you could hit the chinese mainland or japan in one pop.

    thanks for clarification


  • Yes you can build a naval base in Alaska.  You can also build an IC in Alaska, and with a naval base in Panama you can go from z1 to Gibraltar or vice versa in 2 moves.

  • I know alaska but at the tip of the Aleutians could be a game changer so I want ot make sure its ok. Think of how this could freeze the japanese navy. Slap an airbase as well with fighers to scramble. New Zealand could have its way in hte south. seems to good to be true

  • Sure you can do it.  I have done the Alaska version before but not you Aleutians version.  I think you might run into problems with Japan mobilizing a destroyer in z6 to block you landing in China, but if you can get UK land units from Canada onto US transports you could use the Americans to clear z7, z6 and z19. Then NCM the loaded transports to z19 and the Canadians land on UK’s turn.

  • thanks for the feedback. I really think if played right could really put a scare on japan and keep their eyes diverted.

  • OOO this is dirty I like it. Don’t know why I never thought of this.

  • It puts the Japanese in a bind to protect Korea from American hands and pulls the IJN north. I could see it being used situationally, but I don’t know if it’s something I’d do all the time. If Japan’s strong enough, they could have a strong enough fleet to stop your USN and still make headway in the $$$ islands. Don’t forget Japan will have their kamikazes and they could easily plop an airbase on korea to scramble 3 more fighters, & any builds will be available right then to stop your advance. They can send a small fleet against the $$$ islands and still have the strength to fend you off.

    You limit your options and remove the USN presence down south where it might be needed. IMO, if you’re going to build a naval base why not put it on wake/midway? They already have airbases that you can use, they are both a turn away from reinforcements, and Midway can still reach the same territories + both give you more options. I typically don’t build naval bases in the pacific with US, but I prefer Midway when I do since it gives you more routes to Japan and it’s harder for Japan to block counters if he does sail against you.

  • or take carolines.

  • @Vance:

    or take carolines.

    Right, that’s the best place to stage the USN . . . but there’s already a naval base there silly.  😉

    As Japan I like to stage the IJN off of phil, put a blocker to prevent Korea/Japan invasion, and stack the carolines with as many ftr/tac as I need or can spare. Usually US doesn’t have more then 1-2 transports, so it should be safe from an amphib assault with 3-4+ air there.  Keep the mainland air on kwansi/FIC to land on carriers and you’re set up for a very heavy counter to any US moves in that direction.

    I don’t like to trade ships with US when I can help it and if I have to fight a naval battle I’d rather be set up to hit him as hard as I can with the strength of my powerful airforce. Most of the times the threat is enough and the USN stays away.

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