Who will be CA governor in 2004(a 60 day question)?

  • Yeah, I caught that breeze and blew it this way to see what it stirred up.

    I read that Bustamante will have trouble keeping the black vote. Two years ago he was giving a speech before a black group when he used the “N” word!


    It has a further source there, too.

    I once had a thought that we should let NY and CA do what they want and learn from their mistakes. They’ve both made some big mistakes!! Now I really believe it. The problem is that few learn from their own mistakes, not to mention mistakes made in another state 20 years ago for example.

  • Bustamante is mainly popular with the hispanic vote anyways.

    I once had a thought that we should let NY and CA do what they want and learn from their mistakes. They’ve both made some big mistakes!! Now I really believe it. The problem is that few learn from their own mistakes, not to mention mistakes made in another state 20 years ago for example.

    Good idea. But I believe the Civil War shot any such example of that straight to hell, my dear.

  • The United States had the biggest budget Surplus is our history before Bush took over. Now we’re in the worst debt of our history. No one is asking to recall Bush?

  • Judging by the polls… that might not be that far off…

    At least for Bush, we knew the economy would be going down since late 98’ (or mid 99’ depending on how much Clinton was willing to show)

  • shut up yanny.
    now that thats out of the way, the recall should not take place. even though I am a republican, and would love nothing more than to stick it to a democrat (figure of speech, there are things i love more), this is a democratic system. much as i dislike and disagree with it, thats what we have. as such, since the man has not done anything other than be a crappy governor (possibly up for debate, i dont know much about the man, being from NJ), there is no reason to remove him from office. he should serve out his term, and the morons who elected him should have to deal with their shit. next time, elect a better governor.

  • I agree with you Janus, against this recall. I say, let the democrats feel the heat for putting an incompetant governor in office. Ride the last two years out know that the democrats will be in a bad position come the next election and stay away from the mess in Sacromento.

    But for better or for worse, what’s happened happened. It’s time to choose the candidate that can govern CA the best.

  • exactly, and further, its irresponsible to spend more taxpayer money on a special election. its ridiculous.

  • Oh well… the constitution must be followed

  • So Bustamante has come out saying he will raise taxes 8B$ and cut spending 4.5B$…

    SOURCE :

    I bet the CA State Constipation 😄 is ammended after this election.

    Heard something a coupla days ago about Ahnold being accused of being homosexual. The evidence was his record of womanizing!

    If that’s the case then Wilt “The Stilt”, Magic Johnson and Kobe are gay.

    If that’s the case then all blacks are gay.

    Man, where can’t you go with thinking like that?!?

  • I agree. A Govener is going to be elected with 25% of the vote and 1,000,000 Signatures. Put Gray Davis on the ballot and he’ll get more votes.

  • So Bustamante has come out saying he will raise taxes 8B$ and cut spending 4.5B$…

    Yeah… not very smart, but very Gray Davis-ish. :-?

    I agree. A Govener is going to be elected with 25% of the vote and 1,000,000 Signatures. Put Gray Davis on the ballot and he’ll get more votes.

    Then there should also be a limit on the amount of candidates that can run… :-? You can’t change the rules in the middle of a game.

  • Yanny,
    CA law says he cannot run as his own recall replacement. His shot is the first recall question on the punch card…


    the CA Constipation explains the proceedure, poorly as we can see, but it does explain it. Change the daggum thing, you twits!

    And we learn that Boostyermoney has ties to MEChA as well as another source referring to his use of the “N” woid. If a Republican did that…but, as we learned in Minnesota and New Jersey, Dems don’t have to play by the rules!

    SOURCE :

  • We’ve got a winner!

    SOURCE :

    With Martin Sheen(lousy actor as President), Woody Harrelson(has-been, best roll was ‘Woody’ on “Cheers” because it wasn’t acting), Barbra Streisand(the Clinton/Democrat party advisor), Warren Beatty, !!Al Franken!!(who was escorted from the FOX studios for verbally and almost literally attacking Sean Hannity), Steven Spielberg(Director/Producer who deleted weapons from the second release of “ET”), Susan Sarandon(of whom I cannot think of acting in a great movie), Mike Farrell(who let 7 years of MASH brainwash him), Ed Asner(has-been) and Rob Reiner(Meathead/Director) campaigning against him Ahnold cannot lose!

    Now the important question…
    When did Ahnold boff Cybill Shepherd and then dump her? Was it before Maria Shriver or during the marriage? No wonder Cybill is so “pumped up!”

  • I can understand Woody Harrelson and Barbra Streisand, since they haven’t released or being in anything good for the past decade, but Tom Hanks? I mean, you have such good movies…

  • Simon’s out of the race!

    SOURCE :

    But the interest in the recall is waning.

  • That’s good… too many candidates as it is. Don’t want to split votes.

  • So the poll showng Boostyermoney was way ahead was invalidated the day it came out by Simon’s exiting the race.

    SOURCE :

    Let’s see…this morning on FNS(Fox News Sunday) the stats(defunct) they showed were…

    Boostyermoney(D)…35%(Hmm! 40% are supposed to vote Dem alatime.)
    Swatyoneighbor®…22%(No change from last poll.)
    McClintock®…12%(Up from 8% last poll.)
    Uberoth(sp.?)®…7%(Up from 5% last poll.)
    Simon®…6%(Down from 7% last poll.)
    Huffnpuff(R?)…3%(Same as last week. She’s just milking it.)
    Other 130(R,I,G,etc.)…25% (Total together including Larry Flynt, Gary
    Coleman, “Mary Carey” the porno actress.)

  • Is there a think tank of Californians who can clarify some of the following found at…

    SOURCE :

    Recallapalooza: Davis Pleads for Sympathy

    By Marc Cooper, LA Weekly writer
    August 22, 2003

    Talk about recall circuses. The Big Tent went up Tuesday night at UCLA and Governor Gray Davis rolled out his anti-recall campaign by reminding us at least 10 times that he’s coming out fighting – fighting for me! For you! The people! For all of California! Our future! Against the right-wing! (Clintonese)

    And mostly to save his collapsing career.

    Davis reminded us that he is the “education governor’” but none of the university’s students were allowed in. The Ackerman ballroom can hold 2,000 people, but Davis’ staff had partitioned off the front quadrant and limited the audience to only 250 handpicked guests. In the best traditions of the corrupt Mexican political party, the PRI, most of those attending were brightly T-shirted union members, herded in by their leaders to applaud the governor on cue. A cynical and sad manipulation of organized labor.( This writer quickly forgets the illegal Democrat maneuvers in Chicago, Pittsburgh, New Orleans, Minnesota, New Jersey and Florida! All but one of these were successful. )

    You can’t blame Davis, though. With UC fees rising 35 percent and community college tariffs going up more than 50 percent, I doubt the Guv would have gotten much of a warm welcome from the student body. Or from the general public for that matter, considering that 60 percent or so of the electorate is leaning toward firing him. (Whinning about rises in the cheaper tuition at CA state colleges than any other state in the union!)

    Cheap theatrics aside, Davis did himself no good. Portraying himself as a victim, as he did, will win little support. First you have to be popular before voters are ready to feel sorry for you. Ask Bill Clinton.

    Robotically gesturing with his hands – as he surely rehearsed it all day in front of a mirror – he branded the recall a “right-wing power grab,” part of “an ongoing national effort to steal elections that Republicans cannot win.”(A Clinton move with a Dean spin!)


    The recall, clunky as it is, tainted as its partisan origins might be, is nothing but an old-fashioned vote of confidence – one that any electorate has the right to, and one that Davis is set to lose. The only election-stealing going on is the attempt by Democratic satellite groups to have the courts postpone an election that 75 percent or more of voters say they want.

    Davis did make a few tepid attempts to explain away his glaring failures. Assuming that none of us has a memory beyond last week, he argued that he had merely inherited the deregulation scheme that put us all at the mercy of the energy providers. But Davis was the sitting lieutenant governor when deregulation was adopted in 1996 and there’s no record of as much as a contrary hiccup coming from him at the time. Indeed, two years later when consumer-backed Prop. 9 aimed at reversing much of the deregulation fiasco, Gray Davis, allied with the utility monopolies, signed the ballot statement opposing the measure.

    Once the power shortage hit in late 2000, Davis as governor was irresponsibly slow to respond, no doubt distracted by his voracious fund-raising. He threatened to seize the power grid, but that bold position soon melted into conciliation with the energy behemoths, at one point Davis employing the same spinmeisters that that were in the pay of Edison. Remember Lehane and Fabiani?

    The result? Weighing down the state with over-priced long-term energy contracts, Davis thereby contributed maybe as much as $10 billion to the deficit black hole.

    And on what other issue dear to Democrats has the governor provided leadership? According to Davis, he’s the last thin line of defense against a Republican putsch.(**The “Nazi” outcry developed by Sen. Hollings(D-SC), who said virtually the same thing again recently while announcing his retirement. NOTE:[[/b] This (D) was one of the Southern Democrat governors who passed legislation to fly the Confederate flag over his state’s capitol building in the 1960’s.]) But the cold facts are that Davis, last year alone, vetoed more than 250 bills coming out of the Democratic legislature. Davis is the real Terminator, having nixed during his tenure:

    -A simple review of the inhuman and costly three-strikes law
    -The creation of a state office on homelessness(cost a mere $500,000)
    -Expansion of medical services for low-income Californians
    -A bill to establish a clean-needle distribution program
    -A bill to research use of industrial hemp
    -The undocumented driver’s license bill he now opportunistically supports(A Clinton move. Recall the 50,000 immigrants Clinton tried to sped the naturalization of in 1996 to add (D) votes to his election tally.)
    -A racial-tracking bill for curbing discrimination in business and unions(A Clinton move similar to the above, biut timed better to look more benign.)

    On criminal justice matters, Davis has actually been worse than Pete Wilson, allowing virtually no prisoner to be released on parole(A fact I’m sure is appreciated by the victims and their families.) The governor fought, unsuccessfully, the voter-approved Prop. 36 which substitutes treatment for jail for nonviolent offenders. He supported Prop. 21, making it easier to criminalize youthful petty offenders. And Davis has been a zealous enforcer of the death penalty. (CA calls him a Democrat!?!)

    His pandering to the reactionary prison guards’ union surpasses that of his GOP predecessor. In the midst of the state’s collapsing finances, the almighty guards are raking in a 7% salary increase this year, unprecedented raises in pensions, and Club Med-class work rules which have generated mind-boggling amounts of paid sick time for our legion of prison screws.

    Meanwhile, the $5-billion-a-year Indian casino industry, recipient of sweetheart compacts signed by Gray, pays no gaming tax to the state. Even the Vegas casinos have to cough up 7% to Nevada. (Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t it a national law that Indian lands pay little to no state/ federal taxes being a nation unto themselves.)

    During his UCLA speech Davis claimed that the $3 million spent to qualify the recall was a waste “that could be better spent on something else – like education.” Yet Davis responded to an ACLU lawsuit charging him with providing dilapidated public schools to the poor by squandering $18 million in taxpayer funds on $500-an-hour white-shoe lawyers who, in turn, have used depositions to browbeat and intimidate 12-year-old witnesses.

    Then there was last week’s golden moment. After Arnold’s new economic guru Warren Buffett shockingly blurted out the unspeakable truth – that Prop. 13 resides at the foundation of California’s ills – Gray Davis streaked to the microphones to offer an unmediated defense of the 25-year-old law that has left this state a basket case. Thanks, Gray.

    And now I’m supposed to be biting my nails, freaked out that if Davis gets dumped we’ll wind up with a Republican governor? Come on. As Jim Hightower likes to say, I may have been born at night, but not last night. A Republican Governor? We’ve already got one.

    So this guy is mad because Grayout Doofus may have saved the people of CA a little money!?!

    HELP!! Help me! HELP!!!**

  • WHOA! Headache dude, i didnt even bother to read that, thats just too much

  • That’s a short post, Jan__. You should check out F_alks tirades, the sermons of Finsternis 🙂 a pun, he’ agnostic) or the humorous Xialogues( 😄 another pun.)

    Besides, none of it matters.
    The EVIL RICH Nazi Republicans are buying the vote!!

    SOURCE :

    Boostyermoney was lumped in with the other 133 in the poll and still didn’t do as well as Ahnold. Must be a butterfly menu with lots of dangling chads! 😛

  • Gray Davis wants to give all illegals in California driver’s lincense… that’s evil enough. :-? Why? So that they the Democrats can buy the illegals’ vote.

  • That’s okay. If Davis doesn’t give the state to the illegals Bustamante(MEChA) will.

  • I’m waiting for the Terminator to win, and fuck up Californias Economy even more

  • That’s okay. If Davis doesn’t give the state to the illegals Bustamante(MEChA) will.

    I believe Ah-nold was on the fence on this one last time I heard. I hope there still is hope for Cali….

  • El Jefe, you realize that Republicans, by definition, are not nazis, dont you?

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