Reducing the Ruer and Saarland to Ashes: A US strategy

  • This coming week I’m going to be playing the allies against 2 friends one will play Japan and one will play Germany/Italy.  We will be playing the latest version of Alpha 3 (3.9).  My game plan is to Attack Italy in the med with the UK round 1 and wipe out their forces on Tobruk.  I plan to spend 2 full rounds producing in the Pacific against Japan not to beat them just to neutralize them so they dont get there 6 vc’s.  Starting US3 is when I purchase full out for Europe.  US3 full naval purchase (loaded carrier with destroyers and possibly a cruiser).  US4 purchase 3 Bombers the rest transports and inf/art.  the idea is to fly the bombers to England send the fleet to Gib then invade Norway.  Every round buying at least 2 Bombers.  Using Norway as a base to bomb W. Germany, Germany, and N. Italy.  I plan to every round bomb the axis industry to ashes so if they produce in western europe it’ll be at great cost.  My plan is to let the UK land and take Normandy and Paris.  Once the bombing campaign is underway and the luftwaffe is cleared from the sky I’ll start building all inf/art and transports to help the Brits in western Europe.  Never heard of anybody staging a massive bombing campaign i want to see how it goes.  I’m talking Massive……I’ll probably have 12+ Bombers in Europe at any time once I get under way.  Has anybody tried this and if so did it work?

  • I’ve thought of doing the same or similar strat. The axis may have quite a few fighters, but they can’t be everywhere at once. I’d like to hear how this plays out for you and what the axis do in response. You’ll probably need some fighters to help escort, especially at the start. This might work as long as USSR is still alive and kicking, UK is landing on Europe, and Italy is contained.

  • Yeah I’ll definately give you guys a game report on Wed next week.

  • TripleA

    Usually I have around 5 bombers, but I never use to SBR. I bomb italy airbase, attack inf to clear for russian NO, japan infs sometimes, they do many things, but not bomb… =]

  • You could think about going to Iceland then Norway rather than to Gibraltar then Norway so they put out a blocker in z110.  You could also build 2 extra transports and land the Canadians.  An American IC and Bombers in Norway is real bad news for Germany.

  • I will say - if I’m your German opponent I will do everything possible to keep the US out of Norway. That includes starting with a carrier, making a commitment to fighters, adding destroyers as needed, and addind a second carrier as soon as the US is about to crack SZ112. Then, I might build an airbase in Denmark. Then, I might buy a third carrier… see where this is headed?

    Yes, all of this can be accomplished while carrying out a successful Barbarossa.

    If I’m the US, I absolutely want Norway, but it will take some surface ships to get it. You’ll need carriers to advance and multiply your aircraft, and destroyers/subs to absorb hits while your aircraft does the work.

    If your opponent doesn’t recognize the strategic need for Germany to hold SZ112, then have fun! Your strategy can work.

  • I appreciate your insight Stalingradski.  I agree with you how important Norway and the SZ around it are.  But if Germany is spending all that income on airbases, carriers, and destroyers then they aren’t purchasing what they need; Mechs and Tanks for Barbarossa and Inf/Art to defend western Europe because the Italians can’t do it alone unless they’re making bank which doesn’t happen every game.  Actually that’s part of my strategy, denying Italy It’s growth.  Last game I played Germany/Italy and we won despite Japan getting neutered early because Italy was making 40+ a round after the first couple rounds.  But anyway I’ll post on Wed let you guys see how it worked out.  I just think that in the end if Germany is spending that much denying me Norway or at least making me really have to earn it that the defense of W. Europe and Barbarossa will suffer.

  • Stalingradski,

    Do you add the additional airbase in denmark so you can scramble more fighters? I don’t have a setup or map in front of me but I think there already is an AB in WGer. in the same SZ.

  • Dawkland - I feel that the key to a succesful Barbarossa to a large part hinges on two principles: steady and consistent pressure on Russia, and the isolation of Russia. The units used to achieve these two principles cease to matter - the philosophy is more important. You can use armor, mech, artillery, infantry, air power, or whatever combination you want. I prefer a good mix that’s heavy on infantry, personally.

    I’m also talking about the use of fighters, airbases, carriers, destroyers, etc. in a mature game - one that lasts 10, 11, 12 turns or more. No matter what, a constant flow of material to the front with Russia has to occur. Almost without exception, a fighter and eight infantry every round is a great foundation - the way you spend your other 20 + IPCs becomes personal choice… an armor, a couple mech, a destroyer, whatever, based on need. Sometimes that extra cash becomes an airbase if it means you gain another turn or two of Russian isolation. Or a carrier.

    Munchie19 - yes - I’ve only done it once, but a second German airbase in Denmark, with three fighters parked on it means the SZ in 112 is suddenly covered by six fighters. If you have a carrier, that’s eight. Throw in some fodder, and it becomes a major effort for the allies to overcome it and also land in force. That’s the key. Make the US player have to buy units to take out your fleet long enough to eliminate Russia. If your US/UK opponent only has to continuously shuck infantry to Normandy or Norway, you’re in trouble most of the time. I want my opponent to keep concentrating on buying units other than transports and infantry - the real killer of the Axis powers. Destroyers and bombers don’t take and hold land… they facilitate it.

  • '18

    I have had this conversation with Stalingradski before.  It is good advice.  I played it out numerous times and it is tough for the allies to crack the stalwart defense the Atlantic Wall becomes.  Your opponent may not have the vision for this and so taking Norway for you might be easier.

  • This sounds like a great idea–Germany shouldn’t be able to guard N. Italy, W. Ger and Ger. They have to guard all 3, you only need 1 to bomb. Perhaps then hit France/Normandy/SFrance? Cause those give them 9 units, plus the Russian factories…

  • Heys guys wanted to apologize.  Said i’d let you all know how it went unfortunately one of my friends in my play group got real sick with e. coli so we couldnt play.  We may play this tuesday if so I’ll post what happened.

  • Ok I’d suggest not using this strategy.  I got my ass handed to me.  Didn’t help either that I was mildly intoxicated  :-D.  I ultimately only got 5 bombers to the UK.  I was able to hold Egypt and the US bombers smashed the Italian fleet.  I wasn’t able to put enough pressure on Western Europe and Russia got smashed.  Also Japan carried out a successful Calcutta crush.  It just takes to much time to setup a successful bombing campaign especially when Russia falls G6 or 7.  I feel that Russia needs to build max infantry to stay alive as long as possible which I didn’t do even though I usually do build a ton of inf with Russia.  Anyway it was a lost game but a good learning experience.

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