Basic rules for "Invasion of Italy" and for "Eastern Front"

  • Two days ago I ordered the Italy map from HBG. Rules and Set-up charts I downloaded from Board Game Geek.
    Now, having looked at the 13 pages of rules for “Invasion of Italy”, I am wondering if this rules can be all. From my point of understanding these rules are on top of some general AA rules. But which one? AAEurope40?

    The same question I have for the “Eastern front” / “Operation Barbarossa” map from Imperious Leader, which can be downloaded from the HBG site. Are there any AA basic rules they refer to?

    Your advice is very much appreciated.

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    Tigerman will be the best resource to ask for Invasion of Italy questions. Try PMing him. What rules were you wondering about specifically? It’s a D12 system with the unit values listed in the rules. Turn sequence is very different from global games…

    List your questions here and we can try to help out!

  • Thanks Variable. Tigermann is a good hint. I will go into the rules in more detail when I received the Italy map. The rules refer at some points, i. e. under C naval units, to “global 39”. That should be AA Global 1939 (= Global War 1939 ? ). It is also a d12 combat system. I will have a look, were to find a copy of this rules.

  • The rules refer at some points, i. e. under C naval units, to “global 39”. That should be AA Global 1939 (= Global War 1939 ? ).

    Download a copy of the rules for Global War 39 at BBG or HBG, they are helpful but the actual rules for Italy pretty much tell all you need to know. I have the game and its awesome!

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    Hey Guys, any questions that I can help you with please let me know. Also please download the rules and read them!!!  LOL….I think so many people look for other games and just expect them to play out just like any of the global games. @Thoes426, glad you like the game! Invasion of italy was fun to make and was very hard to finish…

  • @Thoes426 - Thank you for your hint, where to find the Global39 rules. That you like the game, sounds good for me. Hope, I ill get the map tomorrow.

    @Tigerman77 - Yes, I will also read the rules in more detail - as I said before. If any further questions appear from that, it is good to know, that I can refer to you.

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