AAM Flashback - Mot vs Cobalt - Luksusowa

  • Poland Assault 4

    The Renault finishes off the damaged german tank, perhpas as its last act before the upcoming German assault.

    The forward bren machine gunner proteceting the artillery lets loose on the strom trooper starting to cross the clearing but is not able to disrupt against that 5/5 defense.

    The Determined Infantryman and other Bren in the swamps finish off the last disrupted BMW unit.

    The Bofors remain silent, with the Germans staying out of sight.  How long can Germany keep advancing while skirting confrontation with those potent weapons?


  • Germany Attack 4

    The damaged Pzkpfw disrupts the Renault, and the Pzkpfw at medium range finishes it off.

    The mass of German troop continue their movement south and east to move toward the city in cover.

    The two 7cm guns make their presense known, shelling and re-disrupting the Polish ATG, and also at least rattling the nerves of the far Bren gunner.


  • Casualty Phase 4

    After the dust settles each side is minus a tank, and Germany is also now without any BMW units.  It’s nearly the half-way point in the match and Germany hasn’t made much forward progress.  Still, the Polish forces are outnumbered and with little room to move.


  • Poland Move 5

    An observation, with Poland continuing to act first, it leaves Germany with a “free” move at the end in its Attack phase.  We will see if Germany takes advantage when we get to the last phase.

    Sensing a flanking threat from the fast-moving german armour to the north, the Determined Infantryman starts to fall back toward the city.

    Poland also moves forward in a few key places to slow the German advance:

    In the south, the Bren gunner moves west to occupy the start of treeline the mass of German troops was rushing towards.  In cover and with the Covering Fire SA, it would be risky to try to charge into his hex.

    In the center, the Polish Cavalry heads off the Stormtrooper that was advancing on the ATG.  Even that 5/5 unit has to fear the Hand to Hand SA of the Cavalry.


  • Germany Move 5

    The German soldiers all move up to the edge of the forest line held by the lone Bren.  Meanwhile one of the 7cm guns is brought rapidly forward along the north.  The Pzkpfw 38(t) in the north holds its ground on the hill with LOS to the city, while the other repositions with LOS of multiple targets in the center.


  • Poland Assault 5

    Recognizing the threat the SS-Haup’s SA to remove disrupts poses, the Bren machinegunner attempts to take him out while he is in the open but the effort fails.

    The Bofors opt to open fire on two Stormtroopers in the open, scoring a disrupt on one.

    The Cavalryman moves into the woods to backup the Bren.


  • Germany Assualt 5

    Both German PzkPfz 38(t) tanks target the two Bofors, with the cover of the city hexes saving them both from a destroy.  But having those two units disrupted next turn is still a good outcome for Germany.

    The assualt on the sothern tree line begin, with two Mausers entering the forest occupied by the Bren despite defensive fire.  Following close behind are a pair of Stromtroopers and SS-Haup.

    The Sd kfz 251 backs up the mass of troops on the ridge line and opens up on the Bren, scoring a Disrupt.

    The disrupted Polish ATG is destroyed by a stormtrooper, though only with the help of his Ruthless SA.

    Meanwhile, the two German 7cm guns continue to advance to positions with clear firing lanes.


  • Casualty 5

    After the dust settles, the turn seems to favor the Germans.  Though the Poles have sacrificed mightily to slow down the German infantry.  At the end of turn 5 they are still 6 hexes away from the Luksusowa.


  • Gotten behind at work…will resume posting turns soon!

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