Can anyone help me with an opinion?

  • As a strategy, would it be smart to build a complex in India, then Egypt if Germany didn’t take it yet?

  • ya putting a factory in India is a good plan, just make sure you defend the territory
    so it isnt taken for you before your next turn.

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  • Either a first and/or second turn attack/amphibious assault by Japan from Burma.

  • I’m good at opinions. The indian IC is a good plan, gets you more firepower in the east quicker. I think the Eygptian IC is almoust as useless as one in S. Africa, it probably won’t have an impact on the fighting in Africa and the brits aready have an IC in range of europe.

  • so true, if i need troops in africa i will build a transport. much more useful. india on the other hand is too far to get men to so an Ic is your only option.

  • so how is the best way to keep the germans out of Africa?

  • and how fast can germany take africa? in other words, is there enough time to build a complex in egyp on the first english turn, without germany taking it?

  • Germany gets the chance to attack first in Africa in the first turn. They can take Egypt weakly in Turn 1 or better supported in Turn 2. The Allies need to take Africa back quick to then concentrate on Europe and Asia. Britain needs to preserve it’s existing African units as long as possible for a counter-strike. The US can help out with troops transported from America. In this situation the British can only place their first turn purchased IC in either India or South Africa. India is good to counter the Japanese in Asia but many times it will be lost to them. South Africa is the safer but weaker choice, giving you Africa and then troops into Asia (which takes longer). This however secures the African continent.
    It is a judgement call between the 2 areas where to put the British first turn IC depending on German first turn performance and trying to guess Axis strategy. I suggest you try both against your opponents to see what will work for you…

  • thanks a lot.

  • If you build britian’s airforce just a little then you can take out whatever the Germans may have in the Med. No German transports=no German troops in Africa, so the Africian problem is solved. Of course you’ll need a couple trasports worth of troops to mop up, but that shouldn’t be terribly difficult

  • What happens when you can’t knock out the

    German transports/fleet and you loose a lot

    of air power?

  • I like an indian IC for two reasons. First, it helps keep the Japaneese back longer than any other option. Second, it gets Britain into the game faster, its rather boring to play Britain sometimes.

  • If you can’t manage to build some planes and attack the Mediterranian fleet then something has gone terribly wrong and you have no hope in Africa except for a large scale American invasion; that is, of course, if the Americans can keep their navy somewhat intact (which shouldn’t be too difficult).

  • The British….

    When playing the Brits, my strategy is simple (albiet a little boring as mentioned). Transports…transports…transports…(with aircraft carrier protection). Load’em up with infantry at every opportunity and attack W.Europe relentlessly. Establish a foothold in W.Europe and Germany is finished (thus the game as Japan will be soon to follow with 3 powers attacking). Germany is forced to repel the W.Europe attacks drawing crucial resources away from the eastern front. This allows the Russians to hold back the Japanese long enough for Germany to fall.

    I do not concern myself with Japan when playing the Brits (that’s what the US is for in my opinion). The goal is Germany…plain and simple.

    This strategy proves effective as it is very sound to create a 2 front war for the Germans.

  • Even if UK builds a factory in India, it can always fall to the invading Japanese. Rememeber, India is thinly held by 2 inf (3 inf if you count the Middle East) and one plane. A large scale attempt by Japan to take India might not only result in the loss of 3 IPC but a very important IC turned over to Japan.

  • The Japanese cannot hit india with all that much in their first turn and they probably have better targets against which they will have better chances. The point is that by the time the Japanese build a sizable offensive force in the area the british could have quite a lot of infantry in India.

  • Well based on my findings, Japan can hit India pretty hard. 4 inf, 1 plane, and 1 bomber vs. 3 inf and 1 plane. I think that the odds are in Japan’s favor. Even if Japan losses, German can still manage to knock out India with 2 inf (from transport), 1 bomber, and one shot from the Battleship. Of course, there are more tempting targets for Japan, but this is IF UK builds a factory in India.

  • '10

    Only way I’m building an India factory is if Germany does not attack Egypt on G1. Then I can transport two infantry from africa to India, move my tank to Persia…and move all UK air in range of FIC in preparation for a counter on UK2. With my 4 infantry and fighter in India all Japan can hit with would be 4 infantry and bomber and this is assuming Japan can take out the Uk tranny with a fighter…a low odds proposal from any angle.

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