TripleA saved game

  • One of my most interesting games lately, latest TripleA stable. I played this last night as Allies, Low Luck, we saved it for a resume at round 12.


    • Borneo belongs to the US, who built an IC and turned it into a huge airbase with 5 infantry, fighters and 3 bombers.
    • Caucasus was conquered by Germany but it is unable to conquer Russia, so now 2 huge armies are locked into a stalemate.
    • Japan conquered W. US on the previous turn (US liberated it) and has an IC on Alaska, along a fleet parked off Hawaii with several transports.
    • UK has built an IC on Norway and has just crushed on Ukraine an attempt by the Germans to reinforce Caucasus.
    • Japan and US have sunk several fleets of one another.

    Well, enjoy 🙂

  • Nice game … nato is a great player, we have battled many times.  :mrgreen:

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