Map and version question

  • 1. Does anyone have a pdf, etc or other high rez version of the Global War 1940 map that could be used for printing?

    2. Apologies in advance if this is spelled out elsewhere but what are the primary differences between Minor Threat and 94Canuck’s versions of the game, aside from setup cards, etc?

    Thanks in advance - took some time away from A&A but it’s sure nice to be back playing!

  • TripleA

    dang they run out of copies for this game already? Or you want to blow this up and fit it on a pool table?

  • Appreciate the reply Cow.

    I saw the ‘hi-res global map’ post stickied and saw the board pics there - are those custom maps or is that from a boxed set? I guess those could be the actual boards from 1940 Europe and Pacific, as I don’t have those versions just yet.

    Sorry - been out of A&A for a while and fell behind on versions. We’ve recently been playing 50th anny. I ended up back on the forums and found the 1940 Global War idea and like it. I miss some of the chewie-ness of the older versions.

    Any info is much appreciated!

  • TripleA

    Wait are you looking at the homebrew global 1940… or the printed version that retails in stores?

    this is the retail version and the one this forum talks about. This is high resolution and a sticky to the forum here.

  • Now we’re on to it….

    I didn’t know there WAS a retail 1940 that meshed Europe and Pacific, if I am understanding correctly.

    If the pics posted from your link are just of the retail version all we need to go is go out and buy it. I had THOUGHT that the 1940 Europe/Pacific mash-up, aka 1940 Global, was all homebrew. Last I had looked into it, a couple years ago that was all there was. Also those posted pics are decent to look it but sure not high enough res to print.

    This map:
    Can you tell me what version that is? Retail 1940 or homebrew?

  • Cow and I got things worked out offline and I was able to confirm that the pics we were looking at WERE the retail versions of Europe and Pacific.

    I am wondering if anyone has true highres copies of the Europe and Pacific maps, either separate or as one image. We are in the process of building a game table and plan to have maps printed on cloth to slide under an acrylic cover. The stickied post in this forum with “high-res global map” are not good enough quality for what we’d like, though they are helpful for seeing both maps connected.

    Thanks in advance.

  • There was a copy on mediafire at one time.

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