• In the event that during G1 the german players builds all land units in order to push toward Russia, what would be the best UKL and UKP strategy?
    And what would you do with USA?

  • In R1 germany will push for paris and nearly always take it unless sucky rolls =P but usually after germanys go if it places land units we would normally build uks atlantic navy back up from canada as america also puts down transports and a medium navy too, and around turn 3 the two navys converge at the sea zone just outside gibraltar to kick in the med and advance on the soft underbelly, or if germany still has a decent navy we will try and kill it off before heading to the med as our german players will usually move their planes to advance on russia too

    ( regardless if germany looks like its going sea lion or not i would always put down 1 fighter and 6 men in london then build up in canada after)

    this gives the option to move transport over when nessasary and attack normady or to just defend london until a decent enough navy is able to be built to join up with the americans.

    also i would normally pull the uk navy that starts in the med away until america is ready to hit the med

    not sure if your playing online or not i have been playing on the board. soz if i cant be much help though im not sure about the acronyms UKL and UKP means havnt been using this site long =P

    though if you mean UKP as in india pacific  i have flown all my planes and moved all my ships to java … same with anzac and i am planning on putting an airbase there while at the same time USA in the pacific are on their way to join up at java…  i am doing so to put japan under pressure from being able to capture the dutch east

  • Taranto.

  • US doesn’t get involved that early unless Germany/Japan declare war. So there’s no combined fleet in the early going. What Vance said about Taranto is absolutely correct though. Kill the Italian BB along with most of Italy’s fleet and 2 transports. If done correctly, a G1 Barbarossa means that Moscow will fall fairly often. You can’t let Italy take Egypt and you can’t let them be strong in the med. A strong Italy + Moscow falling = axis victory.

  • for UK-Europe I would build 2 or 3 infantry in london then build a tank and mech in south africa, save the rest then if Germany builds alot of transports on G2 respond by building 10 units in London, and realize that the sacrifice of London has bought Russia some breathing room.

    For India I usually build 3 infantry and a transport or 4 infantry and an artillery (save 1) - you still have to worry about Japan first but as soon as you feel safe start building armor/mech/ftrs that can get to Moscow or drive into China.

    US needs to keep Japan in check first and foremost, Japan can win the game real quick if you don’t pay enough attention to them.

  • One thing about the G1 Barbarossa idea: there is a big hole in it that allows the Allies to stock Moscow with fighters.  If Germany attacks Baltic states/East Poland/Bessarabia on turn 1, then that allows Russia to attack Finland with the infantry from Vyborg and Karelia, plus the 3 planes.  The 3 planes can land in Karelia and the AA and infantry from Novgorod can go there to protect them.  On Britain’s and France’s turns they can fly all fighters to Karelia (no sea lion threat) and on round 2 they go on to Belarus, West Ukraine or Moscow.  That problem doesn’t come up with an attack G2 or later because the Finns can take those landing spots.

  • Yes I know about Taranto, what I mean:

    where do you focus your UK builds?

    Fighters for defending Russia?
    Cripple Italy and push them out of Afrika and Medi?
    Conquer Middle East?
    Focus on Normandy?
    Focus on Norway?

  • TripleA

    minor on egypt rest infantry to defend UK. shut italy down in sz 9 with convoy disruption. usa just needs to get 2 subs for normandy/south france.

    What usa does depends on japan at this point, but round 1, I recommend 2 carriers destroyer couple subs for usa. atlantic side you just have to bring the convoy disruption and a destroyer for any lurking subs.

    Give brazil to UK if he has a starting transport remaining.

    if UK pac is not being threatened because japan is doing some ruskie/china play… get mechanized infantry with UK PAC you can assist russia’s belly. uk can fly his air into russia

    thing is both UK and UK pac will be side by side if UK pac lives. USA can fly air from japan’s sea zone to suiyuan to russia. so you will get air reinforcements into russia one way or another.

    The USA supply train to russia going full pacific is pretty simple. west USA flies to japan’s seazone from japan sea zone you fly to suiyuan then you fly to russia.

    USA could also provide the destroyer/carriers for uk to disrupt 97, if you do this it would have to be early on in round 1.

    usually uk is in the belly (medit sea) because he pulls the pacific stuff he has over and a minor in egypt pretty much shuts down italy from any hope of africa play. also the drops there as much better because they are away from factories when you hit greece for example and you threaten rome directly.

    if you do split income, just provide uk with fleet so he can do drops off UK as well. or you can just get bombers for the atlantic side and clear pockets out. land in russia after archangel is gone. bomb minors if they dont have enough interceptors, hit small pockets of units, and if he attacks russia, bombers may roll at 1 only but they are still cannon fodder, I might not lose them on the first round if the fight looks about even… but it is nice to have extra fodder.

    Remember the key is getting russia  tobruk and libya and somalia (russia will only have 1 or 2 mech/tank units down there so you have to protect it with uk / usa. ethiopia too if it works out that way… you need to stall germany. come round 5 you need units in range of russia at least… depends on how mechanized germany is which determines when you start flying air into russia.

    All mech germany = start flying stuff into russia sooner. watch for a late game middle east / egypt rush with mech.

    I like my russia with 2 inf 1 artillery ratio for this reason or 1.5 inf : 1 artillery. I can push out and blow up if he leaves.

  • @Noll:

    Cripple Italy and push them out of Afrika and Medi?

    and all those other things too.

  • TripleA

    there is lots of different things allies can do that work. as long as you have africa thoughout the game, you have lots of options, it is required if you want to stand a chance .

  • It is a mistake to assume that just because G1 is Barbarossa, there is no threat of Sea Lion.

  • TripleA

    yeah you still have to buy infantry for uk. 10 or 11 transports can still take uk. germany still has to buy a destroyer at least… otherwise uk just buys subs to defend, which is funny since only naval can hit it 5 subs on defense vs a cruiser is hilarious.

  • Pretty simple: UKE fighters to Moscow, ASAP. Make Germany spend money and TIME on Moscow. Also HOLD CAIRO! HOLD THAT CITY.

    UKP, US, ANZAC: KJF if Cairo is held to not have Japan hanging around and alive.

  • In my last game against Vance going full Barbarossa Germany I did something different:

    I spent US1 in the Atlantic;

    I didn’t do Taranto, I just killed the dd+transport in Malta and then evaquated the fleet toward the Pacific. I killed the Italians from Ethiopia and got Iraq UK1.

    Basically I spent enough with USA to shut down Italy early on (after Japan declared war) and I kept a lot of airforce in Africa. I moved the starting medi UK fleet in the pacific to join the Anzac and American one, in order to have a decent fleet for the time being.

    I got Middle East round1 in order to build a base there to both reinforce Russia and fight the Medi.

    Vance decided to go full mainland with Japan so this helped me spending almost 0 USA Ipcs in the pacific.

  • '18 '17 '16 '11 Moderator


    In the event that during G1 the german players builds all land units in order to push toward Russia, what would be the best UKL and UKP strategy?
    And what would you do with USA?

    First off, I would say this is a mistake regardless of your destination.

    A) Why tell your enemy your plan?

    B) Those transports are useful in both Barbarossa and Sea Lion

  • @Cmdr:


    In the event that during G1 the german players builds all land units in order to push toward Russia, what would be the best UKL and UKP strategy?
    And what would you do with USA?

    First off, I would say this is a mistake regardless of your destination.

    A) Why tell your enemy your plan?

    B) Those transports are useful in both Barbarossa and Sea Lion

    Oh Jennifer let’s be more specific

    G1 Germany builds 10inf (or other land units). At this point you’re 90% sure Germany won’t go SeaLion, what do you do with UK?

  • '18 '17 '16 '11 Moderator

    Round 1, Germany buys 10 Transports.  Is she going Sea Lion, or Barbarossa?  Odds are Sea Lion, so you have to think of how to counter it, but she could very well go Barbarossa and have the transports necessary to move 10-20 infantry a round into Russia through the Ost Sea (Baltic Sea).

    Or she could still do Sea Lion.  This gives Germany the option of not declaring to the world what she wants to do, until she knows what she wants to do. eh?

  • I think this topic is named “UK - barbarossa strategies”

    I wanted to know how people play the UK when Germany commits everything to Russia.

  • @Cmdr:

    Round 1, Germany buys 10 Transports.

    Uh I’m assuming you meant Round 2.  :lol:

    If you buy 10 transports and then go with Barbarossa, you’ll have an awfully uphill battle in Russia.
    You’re 70 IPCs behind in the land race.  Tough.

  • '18 '17 '16 '11 Moderator

    Yes, sorry, round 2 buy 10 transports.

    UK has to consider Germany buying 10 transports on Round 1 anyway.  Round 2 Germany may as well buy 10 transports.  So Round 3 is the earliest yoiu can think of anti-Barbarossa and by then, it should be too late for a complex in Egypt.

    I’d say focus on building ground troops in S. Africa, just to push up and tie up Italian forces, and then beg the American player to help you out fleet wise in the Atlantic.

  • I don’t understand.
    If you buy those transports on R2 and don’t get the payoff of Sealion, how will you deal with the Russia?
    Sure, they won’t be able to stack up in Leningrad, but he doesn’t have to in order to make your life difficult.

    UK can build in Cpr/Irq and Saf to pressure Italy.  A couple carrier from US would definitely help in the Atlantic fight.

  • '18 '17 '16 '11 Moderator

    The transports are an insurance policy against America.  America and England now have to consider a Sea Lion attack which denies then a complex in Egypt and troops in S. Africa for a while.  Meanwhile, Germany’s going to need those blasted transports anyway, at least now it’s done and over with.  They can end run around the Russians meaning the Russians have to hold back to boot.

  • If you don’t buy 2 transports G1, you will have 4 less land units in the event of a SeaLion, this means you can even afford an IC with UK round1 and still stay safe.

  • '18 '17 '16 '11 Moderator

    Let me say it a different way.  Round 1 and Round 2 go as if Sea Lion for Germany.  I don’t care if you want to do Sea Lion or not, this will endeavor to keep the allies guessing as to your intentions.

  • I agree that it would pressure UK heavily.  UK will have to turtle longer than normal.

    But you’re assuming Germany would need to build those transports either way.
    I have no idea why you’re making that assumption.
    You do that and Russia’s already beating you in the land war.
    I don’t see how you can counter a Russian stack in East Poland.

    If you buy 10 transports on G2, I won’t be “guessing” at all.  I’m going to assume you’re going for a Sealion.  If you choose to switch gears, that’s even better for me.
    London is still Allied, and you don’t get the Sealion payoff.

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