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USA Income in A&A global 1940

  • hey everyone,

    how much money does the usa get as soon as they enter the war?

    50 for europe and 50 for pacific?

  • Customizer

    Before Global, I always assumed USA would get 40 from Pacific side, and 30 from Europe side, for a total of a whopping 70 extra income for being at war.

    Unfortunately (and I do mean unfortunately, because I enjoy games where USA acts as a sort of “clock” on the game), USA actually just gets a bonus of 20-25 for being at war (in the latest version of global).

  • United States
    When the United States Is at War:
    -10 IPCs if the United States controls all of the following territories: Eastern United States, Central United States, and Western United States. Theme: Basic national sovereignty.

    -5 IPCs if the United States controls all of the following territories: Alaska, Aleutian Islands, Hawaiian Islands, Johnston Island, and Line Islands. Theme: National sovereignty issues.

    -5 IPCs if the United States controls all of the following territories: Mexico, South Eastern Mexico, Central America, and West Indies. Theme: Defense treaty and trade obligations.

    -5 IPCs if the United States controls Philippines. Theme: Center of American influence in Asia.

    -5 IPCs for each turn that the US has at least one land unit in the territory “France”. Theme: Great Alliance collaboration

  • do they get the 50 in the pacific thats on the board?

  • Official Answers


  • TripleA

    52 while not at war and then add up the NOs after. usually 70s

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