• Hi Guys,

    I’m looking for people who have played Axis and Allies revised at the World Boardgaming Championships or have used the victory territory tournament rules.

    Thanks Guys
    I hope your out there.


  • You might have more luck posting on the board specific to Axis and Allies Revised edition.

    You could also try contacting Greg Smorey and asking for a list of participants.  Not sure what you have in mind, or if he would agree, but I figured that tip might help.  Look for “smoreyswamp”.

  • is it possible to have fax invites? I usually use my google fax to send my invites online. It is very convenient. I think I can use it too on here. check this out if you want to learn more about it.

  • Roman Sandal,

    If you are still looking for info on the WBC event, PM/email me.  I ran it for many years and came up with the VT scoring system.

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