FMGC 2012 Was a great event and a MAJOR Success

  • Liaison TripleA '11 '10

    You pulled it off FMG, the Convention was awesome. (IMO anyways :D)

    -Great Venue FMG.
    -Great Prizes.
    -Great People
    -Great fun
    -Good enough Food and bar
    -Awesome Convention.

    I am Proud to have come and served!  And I’ll take on anyone who disagrees!

    From the roster…

    • FieldMarhsalGames
    • Surprise Attack
    • Young Grasshopper
    • Gargantua
    • AxisPlaya
    • Enigmatic_Decay
    • Pasalades
    • Rorschach
    • MrMalachiCrunch
    • Vance
    • Most Holy
    • Djensen

    Were all in attendance!  From New Brunswick to Sanfransisco.

    Unfortunately, 😞 the list below weren’t able to make it -

    Twisted Aries
    The Desert Journalist

    (And I DEMAND to publically hear the excuses of those who failed to attend! (TDJ explained previously)).

    LOL - I kid, We are all looking forward to seeing you next year!  And finding out who ELSE we can arm twist to attend?

    My first thought for next year is packing packing a step stool for Jeremy.


  • The Venue was absolutly incredible. I had no idea that I lived so close to such an historic jewel. For those not there to see it…… just imagine a UFO convention at Area 51.

    It was great to meet like minded gamers, and I agree with all of Gargantua’s points.

  • I agree, great weekend and I enjoyed meeting everyone that came even if I can’t remember real names!  lol.

    One small correction though, TwistedAries was there (Ken from!

  • Customizer

    It was definitely an AWESOME weekend!  Thank you all for coming out!

    I was one of the Game Marshals (sporting the dog tags) walking around.  I should have introduced myself as TwistedAries.  Unfortunately, I did not have a chance to get in on a game of global with you guys.  Although, I was in a very LONG 10 hour game of Anniversary edition?  Don’t ask!  LOL!

    You guys wearing uniforms of the countries that you were playing, was awesome!  It was interesting to watch you guys all surrounding a table, in military uniform, strategically planning your next move!  And Gargantua, dressed in the U.S. Marines Dress uniform?  That was HARDCORE!

    See you all next year!

    TwistedAries out!

  • '10

    Thank you all for attending.  It was a great event and I look forward to next year.

    I will leave you with this;

    Thanks Again for your support.


  • Customizer

    Absolutely amazing weekend. It was awesome meeting you all! I just posted on my blog with some pictures from the event. Can’t wait til next year!

  • '12

    I thought it most appropriate it was at 420 Wing R.C.A.F. Association!  I had a great time!  Is it too early to book for next year?

    Next time perhaps a larger name tag with first name and known ‘handle’.  It was getting tough after a few bottles of ‘water’ to recall every ones name, so many cool people to meet all at once!

    A special thanks to Most Holy for being my designated driver Saturday and boosting my vehicle Sunday.  Look forward to some games in person with your group Dave!

  • Thanks again FMG and everyone who worked hard to make this year’s convention an awesome event.  Those of you who didn’t make it have our SYMPATHY, but dont despair; next years will be even better so start making your travel plans.

  • It was a great time and alot of fun, good job FMG! It was great to get to play in person with guys from the forum, and it was great to get to try out and see so many other games, can’t wait for next year  🙂

  • It is a must to attend, and meet some of the best people in the world.
      I’m ready for another real soon.
      TANK YOU    to every one who showed and made it a great event, see ya next year or sooner.

  • Sorry guy maybe next time.
    I redone my kitchen and it’s not finish yet!!

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