Axis & Allies Spring Gathering X 2012

  • Greetings AA Gamers,

    At this time, I have started to update the Swamp with results and pics from last weeks Spring Gathering.  There will be more coming, but just wanted to get something out for you guys to enjoy… Again, thanks to everyone that came out and made it this the great event it has become and to the sponsors and supporters.  You guys are awesome!

    Also, I have added a new link and it basically revolves around G40 and the information we gathered from both games at the SGX.  I am going to start including this information so that we can make a good and informed decision on how to proceed with FTF tournament games at Origins and GEN CON and the victory conditions, game rules (Alpha +3), etc.

    Any questions or if you have any problems opening the site, let me know.

    And don’t forget, Origins is just a month away:  May 31-June3, so don’t delay in registering…


    Gregory J. Smorey
    Axis & Allies Event Organizer/GM - GEN CON/Origins/Spring Gathering

    A good plan today is better than a perfect plan tomorrow. - General George S. Patton

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