Allies Bid Guide

  • TripleA

    Here a list of fun things you can do with your global bid. 😄 with 1 unit per territory and no china bid rules.

    1-2 ipc (or leftovers), give this to russia or uk pac to uprade a few inf to mech.

    3-5 extra unit from anglo egyption sudan for ethiopia hit n run. OR amur artillery and attack korea round 1 for guts n glory.

    6 bid. sub in 98 is legit, smooths out 97 sink on round 1. could always get an egypt tank or tank in amur to korea if you are feeling crazy.

    7-8  could do 1 inf/art in sudan or alexandria and a mech in egypt.  Could do artillery in amur and mech in sakha/bury.

    9-11 any combination of things previously listed.

    12 bid is too high. then you start having to deal with bomber sinking sz 20 from amur etc… I can see no bomber buy being enforced. As far as dice games are concerned you should be fine 11 and under. I can see low luck games going for 13 bid allies no bomber buy. Haven’t played as or against allies past 11 bid yet so I can’t give you real feedback.

    a boring bid is all russia for europe, which can buy you a round vs germany, but that is it (in other words don’t get too cocky with it).

  • TripleA

    Would like to mention that I generally prefer the sub bid. too much at stake in 97 especially when people scramble their air and the sub really helps out.

    plus if they don’t scramble, when germany comes in to blast it, you still got your sub! 🙂


    I generally do not like playing without an allies bid or against opponents without giving them one. Several reasons for this. 1) start the game it seems that allies has advantage with +500 TUV, however if you delete all industrial complexes, naval bases, and airbases… allies lead by roughly 80 total unit value (TUV) and 30 units. Then there are a bunch of kills lined up for axis round 1 at the cost of inf/subs, french income boost temporarily, allies are playing out of position as well.

    the bid for dice games should be relatively small like a sub. for low luck because axis attacks are 100% reliable with no unexpected losses bids tend to be higher to give allies an attack such as korea for example.

  • '15

    Interesting ideas, Cow.  How does the rest of the board feel about a bid in Alpha +3?  Is there a consensus?  I’ve been playing no bid, but I’m not very good, so it’s hard for me to separate game imbalance from my own problems.

  • 2018 2017 '16 '11 Moderator

    Yes, I like the limit of no bid to China as well as some of your ideas.

    I’d like to add no bid to any capitol city as well (Paris, London, Calcutta, Sydney, Washington (as if anyone WOULD) or Moscow) since basically, the only hope for the Axis seems to be quick, decisive victories (unlike previous games where it was a quick strike then hold on for a LONG time before pushing out).

    What about bidding for a unit or two in Bessarabia?  Just thinking, I have not played this game with a bid yet (other versions yes, but not this specific variant).  The idea being to have a few more units to push into Romania if Germany puts a complex there (rarely see this anymore, but it’s still something to think about.)

    Also, with 6, I might put a tank in the Soviet Far East (where it can be used to add punch to a defensive wall).  Although, if it is a local game, our house rule is that Japan cannot invade Russia first - PERIOD, so that would be moot there.

  • TripleA

    The idea being to have a few more units to push into Romania if Germany puts a complex there (rarely see this anymore, but it’s still something to think about.)

    romania IC is suboptimal. Think about it. you pay 30ipc  round 1 when you could have gotten 10 inf in germany, moved it to the right and be ready to push russia round 3, so it is like you wasted 30 to get the same results of having 10 inf in the front. You build off IC round 2 and it pushes right goes to russia round 3 at the same time.

    If you are getting it on round 2, 30 ipc on a factory instead of mech/tanks to push and take minor ICs from russia. Russia has 3 minor ics which is more than enough to get fodder / artillery or tanks for the all in.

    If you are using the IC to spam infantry to get it closer to russia every round, you could do sea lion bluff, then have a transport shuck from west germany to anything north.

    The only thing that sinks a baltic fleet is bombers from uk blasting it and being able to land archangel or something. and you could always shuck infantry over.

    so you lose 30 ipc  for infantry fodder instead of having spend 30 on mech/tanks…  but if you are thinking 10 infantry / artillery to slug forward you start out -30 for the major the mech player is up 3 mech 3 tanks. you “save money getting infantry artillery” the round after so 6 inf 4 artillery = 30 ipc mech/tank player gets 3 mech 3 tank again…. the mech/tank player is at 12 units when you are at 10, the 2nd time you drop infantry/artillery is when you paid your dues and are beginning to save money… however the player with mech/tanks has caught those units up to his main force and is pushing and driving deeper into russia making more money.

    Also the mech/tank player can always blitz guys into the middle east, bank real fast and come back to threaten russia. Or after russia is done, he’ll get to egypt before allies can respond. (4 moves from russia vs  7 walking there).


    As far as japan invading russia first goes, the counter to that is pretty basic, I mean at that point you know japan is not going for a pacific win at… really now. uk pac / anzac will be good for a long time, just drop 3 subs 3 dds maybe some carriers every now n then as usa… don’t sweat it so much. when russia gets +18 inf +6 inf +2aa guns back near his air/tank/artillery… it is really bad.  you know there are only 9 russian ipc from urals and to the right… (3 inf a turn lost to japan… getting 24 inf back to russia means you are good for 8 rounds.

    USA could just go full pacific so UK PAC can just mech / march his way over to russia. or USA could go europe and fly bombers/fighters into russia (bombers from russia hits lots of things. could snipe guys bought on complexes if he is desperate.

    Lots of people prefer to rush calcutta, because that puts japan 1 vc away from winning pacific… usa usually freaks out at that point and over commits to pacific.

    UK PAC dead also means nothing stops germany from getting the last VC after russia goes under (also allies have to reenforce russia from either the middle east or siberia).

    The VC rule is pretty much why axis wins most of the games, axis just have to win on one side.  Not to mention after round 1 the game is pretty even except axis are closer to the objectives than the allies are.

    which is what the bid is for, so allies can stop losing all the time. also an opportunity to do something fun on the first round.

  • 2018 2017 '16 '11 Moderator

    A minor in Romania isn’t so bad though, since you are now threatening a run around Ukraine (transports in black sea)

  • TripleA

    It cracked me up when someone did transports in black sea.

    USA bought all bombers after he bought naval in the black sea… to say the least germany got to use his transports 1 time only before those bombers hit. From libya to russia… it was so damn funny.

    USA bombers is pretty good in russia after archangel is gone. Can snipe tanks, industrial bomb minors. do lots of cool things. 🙂

  • You’re supposed to build an airbase with the Romania IC.

  • 5-6 US bombers don’t care.

  • TripleA

    usa bombers are like honey badgers. honey badgers don’t care.

  • When the axis see a half dozen bombers in French Equatorial Africa they might just throw a carrier in z100.

  • You’re absolutely right.
    It gets awfully expensive to keep a few transports in the Black Sea, though.

  • The American bombers idea would definitely ratchet up the arms race.  That z100 scenario is always expensive and slooowwww, but it does work.  It forces Russia to defend on two fronts.  I like it with Italy taking Greece round 1 and building the airbase round 2.  The best part is the same planes that hammer away at Russian territories along the black sea also provide double scramble cover for z97.  You never know, the carrier might even be useful in the endgame if axis go through Turkey to Cairo.

  • 2018 2017 '16 '11 Moderator


    You’re supposed to build an airbase with the Romania IC.

    Correct.  Besides, seeing a round or even two of American bombers makes it all that much more enjoyable.  Sure, you’ll lose the fleet in SZ 100, but you’ll bag at least 4 or 5 bombers if you set up correctly.

  • TripleA

    how is that good for germany to see bombers take out his naval? you get like 1 or 2 drops in before usa slams it… that sets you back from the VC win… with the naval and air lost there and the cost of the airbase is enough mech to just have shoved down there anyway.

    Not to mention bombers take 1 round to get in position then it hits… it is the fastest way for USA to have an impact. bombers hitting stuff is fast and furious in an otherwise slow process.

    there is no infrastructure required for bombers either. you just buy one beer and GO, epic winning, it is bi winning. who needs to drop men to trade ipcs with germany/italy? when you can just blast their stuff in the ocean?

    Romania minor is ok for ground units. the naval and airbase is not going to pay for itself.

    how many rounds can you get swinging at russia with just carrier 2 transports? and say you pull your air back before the bombers hit? I’ll give you round 1 place romania round 2 drop the 3 naval pieces (30 ipc and + airbase cost which is not really lost and has somewhat a tactical advantage from there… but it can be bombed later).  Anyway caucasus is worth 7 so you would need a good 4 rounds of drops to pay for itself in theory.

    trying to defend it is a dumb idea, you’ll typically lose even more out of it and it stalls you from taking russia and reduces threat levels from axis on sz 97.

    not to mention bombers are up there in optimal buys for USA anyway. they do lots of things and can switch fronts pretty fast. plus if you shove 7 bombers at 2 tanks, you break even in terms of IPC (1 bomber for 2 tank).

    Giving usa a reason to give russia the ability to call in an airstrike on whatever he could not get to… iz not like a good outcome for axis.

    It is like call of duty man, spetnaz will air strike the flag and cap it. Allies get gangsta like that when you throw naval down in the black sea.

    Trust me, someone did this to me and bombers own. In all fairness I like having some bombers around… mmm munch that naval.

    usually bombers are a part of my opener because usually people like to sea lion feint… if they do go through with sea lion I can at least rest assure that japan won’t declare war or 4 bombers fly into uk. Before 3.9 bombers just increased the casualties of germany in taking uk, now it just too much fodder for germany so it actually delays japan if germany wants to go through with it.

    if I see a romania IC early on and no naval buy in the baltic… I’ll only have a couple bombers. if naval is bought in the baltic I’ll still get 3 bombers and a couple dds and a carrier.  It’s the typical reaction from usa. bombers can hit naval up top and land in belarus. 3 bombers layin around is never bad either it can hit an italian fleet that moves out. or industrial bomb an airbase before uk attacks italy fleet so no scramble. or bombers can just strafe italian guys between algeria and egypt… so all russia has to do is blitz a tank through tobruk and that other spot for +7 russia.

    bombers are good units to have for usa. I don’t see how they are bad.

    Russia’s NO has changed so that bombers are more optimal to have so you can just blast all that stuff and clear it out for russia if there is nothing better for them to do.

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