• I was just recently on HBG and i saw a WW1 game, it looks awesome!

    Coach, could you give us some more details?

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    Very cool.  Can we see some better pictures?

  • From what I can tell, a nice rendition, but I can’t tell much.

    Like the others have said, hopefully we can get a bigger picture.

    Edit: Some WW1 pieces down the line would be great!

  • Indeed, this game looks quite interesting. Looks like a variant of the 1939 map. Is there any more info on this, or pictures. Coach? Variable?

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    Sorry for the silence guys! Been working on some other projects a lot…

    Lets see if I can shed a bit more light here. The map is a modified version of the GW39 map. Many territories have been redrawn to accommodate the scale of the war. Russia clearly has fewer spaces as an example. The rules are a bit different so they are more inline with period equipment and political situations.

    Standard HBG deal on this. Small fee for electronic files which include rules and setup info. 2 map sizes offered for printed vinyl. I will bug Coach some more about pics or bigger images.

    Any specific questions I could help answer?

  • Can you play with regular axis and allies pieces? And is there a way to see a better picture of the map?

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    If you have G40, you will have enough units to cover everything, but they will not be period correct of course. 3 types of air units, naval is the same. Only difference in land units is addition of cavalry unit and omission of mech inf.

  • @Variable:

    If you have G40, you will have enough units to cover everything

    I looked at the map and there are 13 countries. G40 has 9, but then 1 is china. So dont we need to buy more pieces?

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    Sorry guys,

    I think I misunderstood the question. I meant that G40 had enough different unit types to cover the units in the game. But you are correct Empireman, pieces would need to be painted to have enough colors. Or, you could buy some other colored pieces. Playable powers are France, UK, Russia, Italy, Serbia, Germany, Austria-Hungary, Ottomans, Japan, USA, China, ANZAC. Serbia and China have no Air or Naval ability.

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