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  • Need your help COW.

    1. We are as far as China in Rd1.

    2. I’m setting up for a full Sea Lion G3.

    3. I did J1 and have all units where they should be. I couldn’t take Hunnan, bad rolls.

    USA moved all ships next to California to the Bahamas. Only Hawaiin fleet left in Pacific.

    Do I take Australia now?

    Also, he’s going FULLL atlantic. I need help with G2. I bought 1CV 2TT G1.

  • TripleA

    Either Calcutta or ANZAC is fine. Both are good. If you go for ANZAC you can go for Hawaii and can block him from reclaiming hawaii with destroyers so you can pick up the quick 6 VC win.

    The benefits of taking ANZAC is that for 9 ipc a round (3inf buy), you can make it really hard to liberate for the allies… and that is what you make off that island so it pays for itself.

    The drawback is your fleet get scattered.

  • TripleA

    To take ANZAC you either have boatloads of men going from Japan to Caroline to New South Wales or you land a bunch of dudes in western australia then fly your entire airforce over a round later then attack.

    I prefer to take India first. If he is giving you new south wales, by all means, take it.

  • What should my J2 purchase be?

    I’m thinking a minor in Fic. Not sure what else.  Only 2nd time playing with Japanese

  • Also, is there a way to post pics via android?

    I need help with G2 as well.

    I have 72 I believe.  Im think 6 or more TT and a DD or so. Maybe a SBomber.

    I guess my question is, where is the optimal positioning for German troops by end G2 so they can maximize attaxk G3

  • TripleA

    If you are playing a live game, just trust your instincts. Be fearless. That is the best way to learn.

  • Yeah, it is a live game.

    I just need a little help with J2 purchases

  • @Cow:

    If you are playing a live game, just trust your instincts. Be fearless. That is the best way to learn.

    Best strategic advice ^^ Sometimes I purposely  play “experiment” games where I know I have a good chance at losing. But I learn from those games and can synthesize all my new ideas into a stronger future game and it makes me a better player in the long run. Also, I look at how people have beaten me and there’s no shame in copying errrr I mean “learning” from them too.

    When I started A&A I lost all the time, now I am a decent player in my group because I just try things out. It’s only a board game 😛

  • TripleA

    It is hard to say without seeing the board.

    minor factory is nice. more boats with men. fighters. Can never go wrong buying more fighters. airbase or naval base if you need the extra movement to do a big attack.

  • Would the minor and airbase both be in FIC?

  • @Cow:

    It is hard to say without seeing the board.

    minor factory is nice. more boats with men. fighters. Can never go wrong buying more fighters. airbase or naval base if you need the extra movement to do a big attack.

    So we just finished J2 and UK2 so I can line up my nexy move for Japan.

    I have 6 TT with 7 available troops in range of Calcutta,  3 fully loaded AC and the rest of my planes ( 5figt, 6tac, 2SBomb)in FIC where I just placed an AB, Iac and shipyard. I own Shan State. I know usually this is where u hit Calcutta EXCEPT he evacuated most his troops to western India.

    Western India: 7in 2art 2figt 1tbomb
    India: 1inf 2art 2aa

    I have an idea what im gonna do but have you ever dealt with this before?

  • TripleA

    Yes, when this happens usually you drop a few units and attack India with air. Then when he liberates it you take it back…

    If he does not liberate it, just spam 3 infantry there a round and eventually it is yours forever.

  • Thinking about purchasing a IC in Malaya next turn…

    Also, RUssia initially moved back from Amur but now they have several units in Korea and the rest in Amur…Trying to figure out how to stop this one

  • 2019 2018 2017 '16 '15

    I think J1 DOW is probably a solid move. But what is the best way of dealing with the chinese? Especially in the rounds before India falls? If you leave them alone a couple of rounds they are all over the place. If you fight them it tends to slow down the campaign against India. I do not see any clear strategies for this here. what do people do?

  • TripleA

    I usually deal with it later. More conservative players deal with it sooner. It is preference.

    I like to take out India as soon as I can, usually round 4-6 depending on what the allies do (if they give me juicy battles to do instead).

    I really like India out of the game, because say things go awry for you in the pacific like a pacific vc is not going to happen…. once Germany takes Russia the allies struggle to defend Egypt. Ideally the allies want India alive because that is their second Russia.

  • What’s the pros/cons against DOWJ1 everywhere but the Phil’s?

  • Current state in the Pacific. It’s US4 turn.


  • Russia just built a complex.


  • ANZAC/US with build up in AUS


  • What a fantastic strategy for J1!  I did this plan along with G2 push into Russia.  America threatened the Japanese fleet until they finally needed to produce units in the Atlantic to control Germany.  I had India contained to just a couple of territories, and a sub was taking away a fair bit of their limited production.  If the Indian units stepped too far away from the capitol, I could send transports and planes to cheaply grab it.  Hence, they turtled down and waited for my onslaught.

    My question is why attack India until it is your final victory city?  Why not bottle them up down there and convey raid their money down to nothing.  Perhaps a J1 or J2 build with a sub or two to head down to the Indian Ocean would hasten the total economic collapse of India without need for an actual invasion.  That would free up additional money to spend on the Japanese navy instead of a land army.  America could obviously counter in this theater with a heavy navy spend, but with the cost of handing Europe to Germany.  Thoughts?

  • There’s a few reasons why you want to capture India. First, it’s a 5 IPC bonus every round, which is very nice. Second, it threatens the middle east, which can force the UK to respond and possibly take away some resources which would otherwise be defending Moscow.
    Finally, and most importantly I think, it allows you to move all of your air and naval assets east to immediately start threatening a win by capturing Sydney or Hawaii. It allows you to build almost exclusively with this goal in mind as well. Thus, either the USA will spend a large amount of resources stopping you, and hopefully allowing Germany to get the win, or Japan will just win outright.

  • TripleA


  • @Cow:


    Hey Cow, good to see you back.

  • My apologies if this is already posted,

    I’m not completely convinced one should do either of these:

    1. 1 korea fighter -> sz 35
    2. 1 mech inf manchuria -> chahar

    Re 15: By sending the korea fighter to sz35 you actually are putting 3 air that have to land in sz35: the two that attacked manila and this one. Which means how can the carrier from Carolinas go to sz43? There should be enough ships without needing the fighter in sz35 in combat?

    Re 21: If/When china/UK counters yunnan, you have little (hunnan inf maybe) to no ground left to attack, it might be nice to have a piece of fodder. If you leave the mech inf move till noncom, then if Hunnan inf attack survives, or they fail to recapture the territory, you might move the mech inf to anhwe, that way there is a glimmer of hope you have a unit for casualty rolls when countering Yunnan in J2.

  • You also have two fleets going to sz35 listed, was one supposed to say sz36?

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