• TripleA

    Meh, those 18 inf and 2 aa guns are getting 3 bucks a round. it pays for itself.

    plus UK pac can send mech to help russia out. so things going well in the pacific sooner can mean aid from UK pac.

    If you are holding Korea and Manchuria… you are getting 2 inf a round for the allies.

    The japan strat is simple, come in with overwhelming odds. the allies strat is fruity pebbles.everyone tries to spread the japanese out and merge together when possible.
    If you are familiar with the old classic game, india is the new karelia, games can be won or lost there. There is no liberating that.

  • TripleA

    people seem to be having a hard time playing japan from what I noticed.

    Buy your transports on the first round, because round 2 you may want to leave japan seazone empty especially if usa is chillin in hawaii (you may as well not give him something to kill and drop an airbase and some minors).

    Your superior naval is several turns ahead of USA purchases, which gives you a tremendous early advantage, use that advantage to seize islands quickly and setup for an india showdown come rounds 4-6. All your starting pieces should be moving toward china/india. india is higher priority, so make it one.

    usa is a non factor usually till round 4. (r1 place west usa r2 hawaii r3 anzac r4 an issue).

  • @Cow:

    Meh, those 18 inf and 2 aa guns are getting 3 bucks a round. it pays for itself.

    If Russia is getting any money from a territory that is convoyable and right next to Japan’s main naval IC, Japan messed up.  Unless US makes a concerted effort to push you out of SZ 6, Russia will never get any IPCs from Korea.
    It does not pay for itself.

  • @Cow:

    Meh, those 18 inf and 2 aa guns are getting 3 bucks a round. it pays for itself.

    That’s a pretty long term investment.  Think of it as Russia not collecting any income at all for the first 2 turns.  18 infantry at $3 each is $64, plus 2 AA guns at $5 adds up to $74.  $74 / 2 = $37, the same amount they get each turn when still neutral.

  • TripleA

    well it takes pretty long to come home…

    also think of it this way, sooner japan gets shutdown, the sooner you get help from UK PAC and USA. so it is not exactly an empty investment.

    walking home takes 6 rounds or something like that… assuming you take korea instead round 3. you’ll get 4 inf back.

    I also like to take iraq with ruskies for 5 bucks. couple inf and couple mech with the air. you get your joes back in time.

    I will admit, japan is much easier to play without freaking 18 inf and 2 aa guns to deal with. hawaii can hit japan sz and land in korea.

    usually by then i am pushin for india anyway and only need specific things to maximize my chances. Unless I got a naval base in kwangsi, it takes 3 rounds for japan to get to india… round 2/3 is the last xporter purchase generally. for the round 4/5 takedown. usually I get the naval base for kwangsi, to blast off from there, if nothing can possibly block me.

    you buy the naval base the round after your last xport buy. (so your transports move up to kwansi and the naval base goes down, then you blast off to india.

  • If Russia attacks Japan with the 18inf,2AA or Japan attacks the stack- Japan WILL have major problems.  Allies can sack them nicely.  My question is…if they do this and Germany does a hard Barbarossa will Moscow fall???  I have not seen substantial evidence if this happens with the Siberian attack.

    Again, I’m in the playtesting mode with this also- just not seeing it- or at least yet.

  • Not if Japan’s focus is in assisting Germany in getting Moscow…

  • TripleA

    It is not something japan has to deal with right away. It is a solid move by the allies. japan’s major focus is india and picking up those vcs.

    round 1 amur = japan kills it no prob.

    round 2 amur-> round 3 korea = japan ignores it. still pushes for cash islands and calcutta. optimum / standard play is not really affected by what you do over there.

    the units that can’t make it to calcutta in time for the showdown are generally reserved for killing china. how japan does his setup over there is generally case by case.

    J1 and J2 should be standardized at this point. I don’t see any reason to not buy transports and an artillery round 1. Don’t see any reason to not get the spice islands on J2.

    The other option for Japan is to start war J1. again I would still buy transports… but I have seen some fairly interesting pacific campaigns resulting from J1 war. In fact it is usually germany who gets mad at you for doing this, because the allies have no counter attack for you on the first round. round 2 it is a little trickier because your carriers are in hawaii seazone. hopefully your bship was the only thing tilted no lucky two hit BS.

    on a side note, if those infantry ever go to manchuria, they will die.  the kwangsi air base is pretty standardized now, I seldom see players not purchase one there or for kiangsi (alternatively, also kiangsi reaches korea so I might be careful and eye out how many xports are in range).

  • You’re stil missing it Cow. Â

    R1- I don’t go to Amur.

    R2 Amur/R3 Korea/R4 Manchuria- you assume that you will have a blowout victory w/o losses- you will have losses.  The moment you attack the stack, you lose tempo and land units (precious to Japan for India) and/or air units if one chooses unwisely.  It buys the Allies time.

    If you ignore it, US stages a threat to homeland Japan- Korea and Manchuria as a landing spot.  This keeps more Japanese units at home- NOT going full force to India.

    The Coordination of the Pacific Allies is very tough to overcome IMHO.

    Really…Am I missing something here???- I don’t see where you are coming from Cow and haven’t seen it yet in my games or others who have played this strategy.

  • TripleA

    USA can stage on japan anyway. Japan’s income is in the dutch islands. Also it takes rounds to get to india from japan… when you show up on korea round 3, everything needed for india has already been bought… or will be made up in minor complexes.

    Do you understand now?

  • '16 '15 '10

    A question I haven’t decided on is whether it’s better to stage all of Japan’s aircraft in Kwangsi and the adjacent sea zone, or whether a large part of the air should be stationed on the coast of northern China (like Kiangsu) to dissuade a J2 Amur stack.  On the one hand, attacking Amur J2 puts Japan out of position and brings Mongolia into the war.  But on the other hand, in this case Japan is not without incentive to wait a turn or 2 and declare on the Allies later.  In such a case, there is no possibility of a USA fleet counter.

    I’m not sure dissuading Russia is worth putting a large part of Japan’s air force out of position, or whether attacking J2 is a realistic option if Russia moves the entire 18 inf 2 aa into Amur.

  • TripleA

    zhukov44. you pose an interesting question. With the standard buy of 3 transport 1 inf… you could woop him if he moves to amur on J2… this would require your air forces to be out of range, it would broadcast to the allies you may not be war ready come J2 (which means russia could just end up hanging back).

    I do not like killing worthless russian inf when I could cut into worthwhile uk pacific income. The capital that needs to be taken is calcutta. In order to achieve victory in the pacific, calcutta is necessary. Most Japan players will lean toward min/maxing their efforts for that objective and for the NO of the dutch islands.

    The income you lose from korea is only 3 ipc a turn. Manchuria is another 3, but he can no longer get mongolians on his side and generally speaking  your naval is in range and so are some infantry.

    Also korea is not a victory city.  After india… south whales or hawaii  is what you need… anzac is right after india so all the fighting should occur down there… still 60+ buck japan without korea or manchuria.

    This is why J2 is generally the round you drop an airbase and your minor ICs. J3 is the round USA 1 units are generally where they need to be in threatening your islands… J3 is when the buys diverge on case by case analysis.
    also check out my japan playbook it is where i post standard openers

  • @Cow:

    USA can stage on japan anyway. Japan’s income is in the dutch islands. Also it takes rounds to get to india from japan… when you show up on korea round 3, everything needed for india has already been bought… or will be made up in minor complexes.

    Do you understand now?

    Sorry maybe I gotta see it in action.  Wanna play a game or 2 of this.  I’m Allies.

  • TripleA

    I only play on triple a. Play by forum is too weird, I never found the motivation for it. If you live on the island of oahu, we can play a live game.

  • Yeah, I’ve just gotten used to it I guess.  I will play on TripleA, once they have the “stable” version of A3Final ought.  Its supposed to be done in a couple of weeks.

  • TripleA

    yeah i been playing the heck out of the beta. 🙂 been learning all the rules, making all the mistakes, etc.

    Got things together. I have a couple tried and true openers that I took around to different players. There are different things allies can do, but adjusting to it is not hard.

    Pacific is the most mind wracking. europe is much more strait forward. 4 countries complicates the japan situation. the whole fruity pebble army vs yellow.

    Once you get the openers down, japan is so much easier. Especially going to war J1 or J2. so much easier than waiting to J3 where everyone blocks you and threatens every position…. way easier if you drop the flag down before they group up.

    No anzac fighter flying into india from java or sumatra… no bs.

  • Still don’t see how moscow has a chance of holding with 20 less units… I’ve never had a problem taking moscow in any game played. Most of the time Germany does sustain heavy losses, but with 20 less units they will get out with all their mech, armor, planes, and even arty.

  • '16 '15 '10

    I’m going Barbarossa with Germany then my objective is to take Moscow on G5, before the Siberian units can make it back.  The earliest the first 6 can get there is R6, then the rest on R7.

    On the other hand those units (when retreated) could be useful if Russia can stall Germany a turn or 2, or they could be useful in helping out China or fighting Jap units coming out of China.

    It’s an interesting question whether sitting in Korea and inviting the Japs to attack is worth it.  It’s +3 for each turn you hold Korea, plus the headache faced by Japan with USA being to land aircraft there, plus whatever kills those infantry/aa can inflict if/when Japan attacks.

  • TripleA

    wow zhukov44, g5 russia… I put 18 inf and 2 aa guns in korea and held out way longer. lol.

    I like korea, iz good money. same with russian persia/iraq. good money.
    Japan is usually better off ignoring infantry sitting in korea, it is just -3. if it goes to manchuria and beyond… yeah sure kill it, it’ll be in range of the air units.

  • Do what you can to have 2 subs in SZ 6 at all times - Russia then gets nothing IPC-wise.

    And build an IC in Shantung and pump 3 infantry there each round.
    Eventually you’ll be able to keep those Russians bottled up permanently.

  • TripleA

    iraq and persia is still good money +7

  • Taking moscow G5… seems like a stretch, and if you can with 90%+ the game is flawed horribly.

  • typically by building a carrier and transports

  • TripleA

    still not enough lol.

  • Has anybody considered taking the four inf from korea and moving them into manchuria so you now have a stack of  inf there.  If he tries to attack Manchuria he’ll either break his entire stack or if he opts to take Korea you concede the three ipc a round to him but he’s trapped there because if he attacks Manchuria even if he wins he’ll only have a few inf left which is easily handled.  the only problem arises if the US Lands their four units on Korea and then the next turn before Japan goes the Russians reinforce then the US builds a factory on Korea.  Thats a major threat and pain in the ass.  If that doesnt happen then the dirty commies get Korea and their three ipc a round.  Germany should start srat bombing moscow by round three or four anyway.  I’m a firm believer in barbarossa think SeaLion blows.  I’ve never tried it but I’ve seen it be successful every game and Germany starts decay not long after.  Can’t take your foot of the Soviet neck at all Barbarossa G3 the absolute Latest.

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