New HBG Airfield and Naval Base Markers

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    As far as Fortifications,…HBG list the ones from the
    “D-Day”-A&A game on their site, but I think they’re out-of-stock.


    I always believed that SOMEONE should make a Set of 3-D Fortifications, Air Bases, Naval Bases, Major and Minor Industrial Complexes, etc. IMHO a set like this would be a GUARANTEED SUCCESS from the very start and sell like hotcakes.


    I think most players also hate the cardboard cr** that we get in the games. So far I’ve replaced my Major Industrial Complexes(see pic below) and the Minor I.C.'s “are in the works”.

    “Tall Paul”


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    The Minor Industrial Complexes will look a lot like the one on the right of this pic.

    I hope these pics might inspire you a little toward making/painting your Air bases and whatever else you want.

    “Tall Paul”


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    Thanks Tall Paul, this stuff looks really good.

    I’m going to experiment with fortifications before game time this weekend. I’m thinking about making some small scenes with tank obstacles, bunkers, wire, etc. sort of along the lines of your airbases.

    I’ll be following HBG close to see what they come up with.

  • the symbols i like as you call them paul work great because you can put everything on top of them lol, your argument makes no sense,

    if someone were to make a much larger version of OOB G40 then i would actually prefer pieces for bases

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    I’m glad you’re happy in whatever you choose. Truly, I am.


    But it’s completely unrealistic for you to say that you can put units on top of your FLAT Air Base “symbols” that are approximately 1/2" square……

    But that I can’t put units on top of my FLAT Air Bases that are approximately
    1/2" x 1 1/2".

    I mean, FLAT is FLAT. Is it not? The only thing that isn’t FLAT on my Air Bases is the House (hanger), and it is tiny. Please refer again to the pics of my FLAT prototype Air Base(pic below).

    I have no problem with anyone voicing their opinions, in fact I encourage this. And I’m not trying to change your opinion here. But look at the facts and have a realistic opinion based on the facts.

    “Tall Paul”


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    This Air Base looks pretty FLAT to me! Could probably put 2(two) aircraft or 2(two) tanks on there! In fact, the runway is THINNER than the Air Base “symbols” that HBG has made. Check this out.

    “Tall Paul”


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    I think what Uncrustable is getting at Paul is the markers are completely flat and you can totally cover them, thereby taking up 0 space with the marker itself. Your bases, no matter what, will still take up the amount of space needed for the footprint of the monopoly house.

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    I completely agree. But that isn’t what he said.

    And the House(hanger) has a very small “footprint”, about the same size as the base of an Infantryman, only square instead of round.

    It’s simply a choice. No space used and a “Symbol”,……OR
    A tiny space used by a more 3-dimensional representation. Pick whichever one you like.

    “Tall Paul”

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