Need clarification on aircraft defense rules.

  • Let’s say there is a territory occupied by a sole fighter, and it is attacked. What happens? I’m guessing it’s one of these scenarios… But which? Is the fighter treated as a land unit in this case?

    a) The fighter keeps defending until it is destroyed, the invaders are destroyed, or someone retreats.
    b) The fighter can only return fire once and then must pull out due to “having nowhere to land”.
    c) Something else entirely? :?

    I honestly don’t know and can’t seem to find any clarification in the rulebook.

    Thanks, in advance.

  • A. But “someone” who retreats MUST be the attacker.
    The fighter does have somewhere to land–the territory it’s in. The territory doesn’t fall until the fighter does.

  • Ah okay, so the fighter is basically treated as a regular unit, and even tanks or infantry could destroy it? Thanks, good to know.

  • Yup, rifles are DEFINITELY better AA than flak.

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